Let the Games Begin

We are Living inside a SIMULATED REALITY:    An Interactive Reality Program.


The ISP is a collective production of many races from many worlds.


Our Reality is:

  • a Hologram

  • a Grid Structure built by Consciousness

  • Affected by Consciousness & Technology

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"But I don't want to go among mad people," Alice remarked. 

      "Oh, you can't help that," said the Cat: "we're all mad here.

I'm mad. You're mad."

      " How do you know I'm mad?" said Alice.

"You must be," said the Cat,


"or you wouldn't have come Here."

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All That We See Or Seem- But A Dream-Wit
A Dream within a Dream - Edgar Alan Poe.
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The Interactive Simulation Program

Alchemy is all-composition, implying a relation of all of the creation to the parts that compose it.    


   Our current Earth Reality is a Holographic Projection Planet. . we are Living inside a SIMULATED REALITY. The Interactive Simulation Program (ISP) is a collective production of many races from many worlds. 


     This Program will give you a frame of reference to understand the density and dimensional set-up of our system.

The life we have, and our surroundings, SHOW US where we are on the Progression Spiral and WHAT we need to DO to clear it, so we can: 

  • gain the highest purity rate 

  • by unfolding the highest standards in what we exemplify, what we create and what we are. 


We do that to achieve the Highest Progression Rate, which ensures an emplacement on the progression spiral according to our :

  • deeds, 

  • actions and 

  • achievements. 


We do the Progression Work to focus on what is Attainable & Achievable to guarantee:

  • a better emplacement in the upcoming rounds of existence as well as, 

  • the work to upgrade our current energy system and template, which will secure an even better emplacement in the next rounds.

Transition Work is done so we can:

  • Have the Highest Purity Rate  (a transformed high-energy organic vessel)

  • The Highest Standards  (transformed & upgraded vibrational field to match the standards of the progressive worlds & how they interact energetically with self, others & reality) 

  • The Highest Progression Rate  (transformed & upgraded radiation field to grasp the higher order holographic-technological sciences & how to govern reality, develop grids & administer consciousness genetics in all lifeforms, including how to transform nature into holographic-density settings). 

~ Randi Green ~


The Premises of Progression work is that humanity is the ancestors of extremely advanced human civilizations, which once inhabited our Solar System.  We find traces of the original set-up of our system in civilizations, mythology, religion, sciences etc all over the world.  Memories are also located into the human genome as cellular memories and hidden in our subconscious mind as the " Collective Unconscious". 

What is Progression Work?

To create the correct type of energy in the physical vessel, that allow you to connect to your Full Consciousness Structure

How to Become a Higher Awareness Human

We can only work correctly with our Reality Field if we push our awareness into a Higher Awareness LifeStyle, where the priority is to achieve our Full Human Capacity.

The Re-Setting: aka " The Event"

How "The Event" is going to play out for YOU all depends on your Genetics. Our Solar System was created to groom Humans through Soul Progression.

The Origin of Humanity

It’s quite impossible to grasp the origin of Our Being. The 1st Manifestation we mostly define as Source.  The Many diverse versions of Source are called Source Cycles.

After The "Event": becoming the Original Human Again

It is about mastery of Energy and Consciousness. If we are to Shift & Change this Reality, we cannot use the same Type of Energy that its currently running on.

"Teachers, if indeed wise, do not bid you enter the house of their wisdom,

but lead you to the threshold

of your own mind"

~ Kahil Gibran ~

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" Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love."

~ Rumi ~

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It is evident that our existing model of reality is creaky in the face of remembering and working with the Interactive Simulation Program ( ISP).


       Science tells us with some precision that the universe is 26.8 % dark matter, 68.3 % dark energy, and only 4.9 % ordinary matter but must confess that it doesn't really know what dark matter is and knows even less about dark energy.


     Science is increasingly pointing toward an infinite universe but has no ability to explain what that really means.


Concepts such as time, space, and even causality are increasingly being demonstrated as meaningless.


     All of science is based on information passing through our consciousness, but science hasn't the foggiest idea what consciousness is, and it can't explain the linkage between subatomic states and observation by conscious observers. Science describes life as a random occurrence in a dead universe but has no real understanding of how life began or why the universe appears to be exquisitely designed for the emergence of life.


It is clear that our current view of the observable world is wrong.



Life is a Flowering Adventure that Transcends our ordinary linear way of thinking,

an interlude in a melody so vast and eternal that human ears can’t appreciate

the tonal range of the symphony.

~ Robert Lanza ~

Quantum physics confirms that observations can’t be predicted absolutely. Instead, there’s a range of possible observations each with a different probability. One mainstream explanation, the “many-worlds” interpretation, states that there is an infinite number of universes (the “multiverse”).


    Everything that can possibly happen occurs in some universe. The old mechanical — “we’re just a bunch of atoms” — view of life loses its grip in these scenarios.


     One of the surest principles of science is that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Life has a non-linear dimensionality.



       The ISP is a collective production of many races from many worlds. When the 3rd world collapsed into a dark abyss, only housing dark shadows and energetic imprints of the races that existed there (the shadow people), measures were taken to restore the world and undo the darkened world, it had turned into. The many participating races brought in “the light” or the vital energies of the other worlds (flame codes), still being able to process consciousness units. A world of shades and shadows holds no vital energy units and thus is unable to connect to the consciousness units of the many worlds.

- there is ample evidence to suggest that the ISP ( Interactive Simulation Program ) is controlling and manipulating our Human Experiences as well as the death experience. 


-    And If the simulation hypothesis is true, we exist in a virtual reality simulated & built by some advanced civilization. Our brains, too, is merely a part of that simulation. 

 -  The number of simulated minds that any such technologically mature civilization could run is astronomically huge.

-   Most peoples 1st reaction is denial & refusing to even entertain such a thought...   and that is true, you would go crazy if you were to believe that you were living in a simulation. To reason thus would be an error.

-  But if you really think about this, and be open to the possibility, you would realize that if you are in a simulation, you would get on with your life in much the same way as if you were convinced that you are living a non-simulated life at the bottom level of reality.  

-   The afterlife would, of course, be a real possibility for another simulated "game" (who could either be continued in a different simulation after her death or even be “uploaded” into the simulator’s universe and perhaps be provided with an artificial body there). Your fate in that afterlife could be made to depend on how you behaved in your present simulated incarnation.



- The BIG Question Remains:

 If we are in a simulation, is it possible that we could know that for certain?


-   If the simulators don’t want us to find out, we probably never will.

But if they choose to reveal themselves, they could certainly do so.

Maybe they would “upload” you into another world.


- Another event that would let us conclude with a very high degree of confidence that we are in a simulation is if we ever reach the point where we are about to start running our own simulations... and that we are doing already!

The Ocean of Consciousness

is the Source of ALL Matter

All physicality around us is the result of a frequency of resonance.

     If you amplify the frequency, the structure of matter will change.

     This self-contained system is a “super hologram,” and everything within it is an expression of that hologram.

Since reality is a hologram, every particle is a vision of the whole.

     In other words, the entire whole is contained in every particle.

     We can’t find one particle, as it is a reflection of ALL particles.

     If we change any small component of the hologram, it is reflected in the whole.​


The substance of the Universe is Consciousness & Energy.


Within a holographic reality, what you believe, you create.

Reality is built out of thought.

Every thought is like a spider, spinning a web in the holographic matrix.

The Matrix of a hologram is information.

When you put information into your hologram, you create fractals, unending and ever-repeating patterns, in your matrix.

These fractals change your matrix.    


When a system becomes highly destabilized, there will be random shifts that suddenly self-organize into higher states of complexity.

At a sub-atomic, quantum level, reality organizes according to the expectations of the observer.     

Everything in the Universe is composed of sub-atomic particles, whirling at lightning speed around huge empty spaces.

We are Consciousness.png

LIFE is like a holographic television station.


   Our consciousness creates the channel, the frequency, of the REALITY we experience.


   We may never find the edge of the Universe or the smallest particle because . . . . where-ever consciousness looks, it creates.

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Simulation Theory Explained

Open Your Reality

What is Progression work ?

Image by Nadine Primeau
Image by Jared Rice
Image by Lesly Juarez
" We work to facilitate growth in this system, to bring it back to its original intentions
and why it was engineered to begin with.
We work to restore ourselves"
Randi Green
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Why Do We Do this Work Spiritual Alchemy
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Our Reality is:

  • a Hologram

  • a Grid Structure built by Consciousness

  • Affected by Consciousness & Technology



Humans today are either:

  1.  Template from Past Races that "lost" their ability to create human forms. Ancient Templates from Races that lost their ability to create human forms and thus lost their ability to exists in our Solar System, as their own systems have died out. They are trying to revive their old systems ( for example the "dark/ regressed ones" ). The ones messing and controlling us since 1200.

  2.  Future Races that have lost their ability to create a human form.

  3.  Races who develop into some very unfortunate futures also come back - to fix!



  • Many forms of humans that are here try to repair their Time Lines, Restore their Genetics... .all are participating in this reality.

  • If you don't play WITH the Progression, You go into Regression.

  • Time to work with New Ides of Who & What we are . . . . We need to remember how to work with Energy and Consciousness & the Original Sciences & Technologies ( which are created by energy and consciousness & NOT physical matter.)

  • We are all working together to "solve" the mistakes of the future  . . . . cause what we tried - did NOT work!

  • Only if we work together can we prosper & grow into realities where we can further develop consciousness.

  • New ways of perceiving, new ways of working with energy and consciousness ( NOT for example spirituality evolving into Souls without physical form)  . . . but to bridge in as consciousness units into this physical form, so it can express itself into this physical reality and change it!

  • It's NOT a matter of " ascending up" / or pulling out, but rather "going in" with FULL Consciousness. With Responsibility and eagerness to participate in this reality.


  • So here is where we are NOW. We are at the beginning point.

  • We have been lopped back ( 1 year - AGAIN !)

  • What we have "lost" in this year, we have regained.

  • The way ( & Tools) we used to do our Energy Work & Activation Processes have to Change.

  • Cause What & How we did our activation work up until now (2018) have been in the WRONG Jurisdiction and Now we have to Re-Do it again in the correct jurisdiction and Inner Reality with a NEW set of Tools, where the races that are here ( current, past & future races) have to learn to collaborate and work together, find solutions and solve problems.


  • Activation is NOT about becoming a fluffy ball of light . . . . going into a utopian world. It IS about Restoring Your Genetics ( Not integrating, but Transmuting !)

~ by Randi Green.

http://toveje.dk/index.html ~



  •  If you are drawn to this material, you are probably part of the Segment that came to the 3D Earth World to merge the Consciousness from the different races, into this specific particle form & rebuild it from within, with the use of an energy system.


  • To form a bridge to the Consciousness of those who participate in the project - by projecting this form / physical form - and transforming the Units of this physical form / 3rd World Frequencies, into a "higher " state of energy.


We are all here to " wake up" and complete what we came to do !


We are near the end of a Cycle/ a "change over" of a Simulation "Game".


2017-2020 is set as a demarcation point for the Game Change direction or begin Re-Setting. 


A Re-Setting / Completion of a Cycle is :


  • When you choose The End simulation that you are going to participate in.

  •  Learn to More and More Communicate and integrate the Consciousness from your "Operator " (Soul), into your daily physical 3D form.  Awake & Aware & understand the reality of the Simulation Game that you are participating in. . . and how to Play in the Game as a skilled Player. Knowing who and when to collaborate with and Not. 

  •  Choosing a TimeLine... and in that TimeLIne focusing all of your Consciousness Units ( CU's) from your Operator ( Soul) into ONE Soul Prime OPV ( Operating Vessel / Physical Form ). Integrating all of your Incarnations that were never completed correctly according to the RoadMap/chiasm.

  • We have both Individual Cycles we have to Integrate and finish during a Completion Cycle, but ALSO  Collective... Soul Group, Stellar Soul Groups, and Galactic Soul Groups need clearing, integrating & transformation.

  • Experiences need to be "reframed" . . .  to the original RoadMaps planned for the Soul / Soul Groups. Because it is a Simulation Program, memories can be re-framed with the use of Consciousness.



We CAN change these simulations & the Outcome 

How to Become a Higher Awareness Human

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Higher Awareness LifeStyle Quote Randi G
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Re-Setting of the ISP: aka The "Event"

How "The Event" is going to play out for YOU all depends on your Genetics

  • Genetics = DNA.  Our DNA is currently kept in a low-frequency state.

  • Frequencies are FALSE energies. Electromagnetic energies are something that was put into our Reality Field -via the Greys - so that they could later and operate their android forms in this reality.

  • The ORIGINAL SETTING = Density Energy = vibrational energy but it is affect-able by consciousnesses/ mind. That is the TRUE DNA / Genetics that is affect-able by our consciousness.

  • DNA is NOT supposed to be what it is today ( atomic molecules that correlate to Energy & Vibration). In the Original set-up, Consciousness Units was our Genetics, NOT DNA!

LifeStyle Reading Illustration_1339.jpg
  • So in the Original Set-up . . . The Genetics of a Race is defined by its Consciousness & NOT by its Energy Forms.

  • Energy Forms are supposed to be the unfolding of the Consciousness Units  = DNA = Genetics. So a higher/ more Advanced Race will have a Higher/more Advanced Energetic State / Form = because it will reflect the Level of their Consciousness.

  • So when we talk about the harvesting of Genetics - it is the harvesting of the Density Genetics that is Consciousness Infused, and NOT the DNA ( nobody wants that ! )  LoL 

  • A lot of the "old racial set=ups" are still hidden in humanity today . . . hence all the races that are visiting are, that wants to get their hands on it. Even the SETAH Program was prevented. a lot has been installed & is not fully functional * not unfolding correctly.

  • All the Stellar Races have their "programs running . . . they crash & break down if not maintained.

  • The ReSetting was initiated around the 1960s, and was supposed to happen around 2065 . . . giving everyone / all the races 100 years to get their shit together... get out  . . . It was NOT foreseen what the Greys/ SETAH Program did

  • In the 2000's the Sirians intervened . . . . and began their programs & harvesting.

  • The Re-Setting = is when a Reality Field gets energetically to low in vibration,  too low in consciousness - it initiates a sequence that re-sets the Reality Field.

  • Our Reality is part of a very, very old, very advanced system, that was created by -what we often referred to as- " The Ancient Ones". . . they are beings that have completed the Soul Cycles and moved on to other Realty Fields / Universes.


  • Our Solar System was created to groom Humans

    • to groom Consciousness

    • to create Soul/ensoulment

       through Soul Progression.


  • Through honouring Life, we grow our consciousness and make our Energy Systems Complex &infused with Consciousness . . . and eventually, create the Dyad/ Soul.

  • That is why all the Stellar Races are here. Our Reality is brilliantly set up to mirror abundance back, the more your work and built the system, the more it will mirror more energy and consciousness back to you - and the more energy and consciousness you have, the more you can work with and play with the Reality


  • Regress ( like the Regressed Races.)


  • When the ReSetting happens and you are HERE, and you don't have Genetics that are high enough energetically that you can go in alignment when the Earth Gates Open, and when the Stellar Gates Open and the Galactic Gates Open, . . . . which are happening sequentially ( 2018) . . then your form will evaporate / if it doesn't belong here ( human form, it will also evaporate).

  • This current human form is built for this Reality.  "Otherworldly" Races do not belong here, and that is why they are being pulled out. ( harvesting as much of our genetics as they can before they leave I guess !! )

  • March 17th, 2018 began the opening of the 1st Gate. A Total of 6 Gates will open. 


  • New Stellar Races are coming in into our Reality as well, and all of this will affect our templates, depending on what type of Stellar & or other Genetics your have; and

    • for example consciousness distortions from traumas, wars etc, misuse of magic

    • inserted technologies in your template



  • When the energy infusions come from the Earth, Stellar & Galactic Gates and enter your energy system, your energy system will - from within - pull and push to the surfaces everything that needs to be cleared out.

  • And we all know from experience - there might be a lot of "weird stuff" going on in our templates . . . . implants, parasites, technologies, different reality programs that we participated in and played in. Lots of distortion programs between 2012-2017.

  • The Greys/ SETAH's that have been tampering with and modifying & harvesting us and altering our templates to create what they needed, so they harvested it from us, we got all sorts of "weird" genetics inserted into our Templates, into our Original BioDNA - so we were able to link up to their version of their templates ..... and even though most of these races have pulled out, they left all of their shit behind, including in us.

  • So all of this will surface  . . . . and as your Template and original genetics get infused by the Earth, Stellar & Galactic Gates, whatever you hold in your Template WILL Spark to Life . . . .and THAT will be your Awakening. . . . Clearing OUT !    Clearing IT OUT !    Remove all the self-destruct mechanisms that were inserted into your template. . . . some of us who got "tricked" to being here,  . . . . we will learn how to handle the Programs and Play with and In them  . . . . learning to Master Energy.

  • To see it as a challenge and NOT a prison.


  • We all came here to learn to progress etc., to master the human form, to master building with Energy . . . 

    • So we can Advance our Consciousness

    • So we can build our Soul Structure

    • So we can Master Infinite Being


  • If you can see/ sense an implant/ inserted technology/parasite or whatever... if you can see/ sense it, it means you have the knowledge to work with it ;

    • Remove it.

    • That also means how to dissolve it

    • Get rid of it

    • Transmute energy

    • Clear it yourself



  • If it is holographic and nesting/parasite on you . . there is NO honour for that life form to exist in the form it is in ( that includes body elementals !

  • You have to release it from its current state of regression

  • Release the genetics so it can go to its "home" and begin again.


  • Genetics can always go "home".

The "Origin" of Humanity

  • 1st . . . It’s quite impossible to grasp the origin of Our Being

  • But, since the mind needs something to operate with, I will attempt to give you a visual framework.

  • The 1st Manifestation we mostly define as Source.  The Many diverse versions of Source are called Source Cycles.

  • Source Cycles unfold different ideas from which whole Universe and all life within it take form.

  • The solar system we are part of is one of many minor cradles of life, which were created aeons ago by higher developed races. These races had already passed through the many different types of energies, developing energies from a previous scheme, using the consciousness of our evolutionary scheme (the multiverses and universes) and from that had developed a manifold of triadic, dyadic and monadic units, all pulling in consciousness units from the first schematic unified field of consciousness aka the origin of all consciousness in our current evolutionary scheme. 

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

As they completed the transformation and development of the first unified field of consciousness in our scheme, they left us with a transformed unified field of consciousness of “coded”, developed as well as pure consciousness units for us to work within the many-seeded reality fields (universes), they left behind for us to develop. 


  • The idea was for all humans in the cradles of life to pull in, work with and develop from the principles the first races had installed into the transformed unified field of consciousness as well as using the monadic, triadic and dyadic energetic levels of our scheme to develop new lifeforms holding a vast range of consciousness and energy on a monadic, dyadic and triadic level. 

  • These races have been called many names; I refer to them as the Ancient Ones. 


  • However, since they have now moved on into a new evolutionary scheme, developing further what they achieved in our evolutionary scheme, we are now left with the principles of evolution and the consciousness and energetic structures on the triadic, dyadic and monadic levels, we are to unfold in the cradles of life placed all over our evolutionary scheme or multiverse. 

After The "Event" -

Becoming Original Human Again

  • Depending on your Template and Soul Age, this will play out differently for everyone.

  • It is about mastery of Energy and Consciousness.

  • It's going to be different for each of us when the Gates open up.


  • Your Soul Age/ Dyad Structure will determine;

    • how many TimeLInes you are playing on

    • how your Template is constructed

    • how much technology is inserted in you

    • how far you go back into the past and

    • how far you extend into the future.

LifeStyle Reading Fashion Illustration R
  • Our Reality is a Mirror Reality / Projection = it will Project Back to you What You Need to Work with!

  • As the Gates open, ALL that needs to be Cleared in your template will be pushed to the surface.

  • a TimeLine is linked up to Specific Consciousness Genetics . . .. which corresponds with a specific type of Race. Most of us have much different genetics integrated into our Templates to exists and work in different Realities and TimeLines.

  • The Galactic Game is HUGE!



  • So . . . our awakening & work corresponds to:

    • our Soul age

    • what type of Genetics we've got in our Template

    • what needs to be cleared out of the Template

    • what/ which TimeLines we are playing in

    • which parts of the world you are living/ participating in ( and under whose Jurisdiction you fall)

    • how the Energies and Consciousness structures are being administered in the part of the Sector/ part of the world you are living in/under who's Jurisdiction you fall

    • the type of AI cubes that are running the Sector You are Living in.


  • So there are many nuances at play.


  • It's also time for new ways to do psychological work - Emotional Clearing, Mental, and Physical. . . to develop them into the full Human Capacity. . . learning to administer our emotions and though thought a co-operative, responsible way.

  • This Releasing & redemption work -  meaning - " buying yourself freedom" & get rid of the Technologies that "enslave" / control / manipulate us.

  • Our Template - is what is being re-circulated from LifeTime to LifeTime; from one TimeLine to another TImeLine. .until the Sou has cleared enough so it can choose to stay/continue somewhere else.


  • Sovereignty = NOT freedom alone . .  It's much, much MORE

    • = it's the Mastering of Energy and Consciousness, no matter which system you participate in

    • it's choosing your OWN   PROGRESSION Journey



  • WE are here to participate in this reality & progress it is all sorts of ways . . . How?

    • 1st Step: clearing the distortion fields in our templates & energy fields

    • Transmuting lower energies

    • Integrating our own parts

    • Step 2: What are YOU here to Do ?



     If we are to Shift & Change this Reality, we cannot use the same Type of Energy that its currently running on. We have to get the Energy to a Higher, More Refined Density Level 1st . . . . . then we can change the frequency settings OUT of this Reality into the Original Density Settings.  ( or maybe something else ???  something NEW, something profoundly awesome !!! )



  • WHY are YOU HERE ? 

    • are you one who were enslaved and brought here?

    • or maybe you got dumped here for any of many reasons

    • or maybe you came here out of your own free will

    • many, many of us feel that we were "tricked" to come here - yes, we came out of our own free will, but the full truth was withheld from us,  . . . we were tricked to coming here and serve in our own unique ways.

    • there are also many of us that know we volunteered to come here into this Reality / Program to Shift and Change this Reality and then we also got "trapped" into the Program, and fell into oblivion - like the rest. That is usually the 1st ones to "wake up" as well.



  • With your Awareness of these things, you will be able to link up to the Original Grids/ Gates that are Opening now . . . .

  • From your Genetics you will link up to Energies that are coming through the Gates & firing into the Grids.

  • Be a  Responsible "GamePlayer"  when you work with the Earth, Sun and Grids. Make sure you do not contaminate the Grids with your energies.

  • 1st Step: learning to be a new type of human / HAL ( Higher Awareness LifeStyle).



  • This Progression Work , Shifting and Changing our Reality is done in THIS BODY - HERE - RIGHT NOW ~

  • Learn to MASTER it AGAIN !



  • With the ReSetting and all the Gates that are opening, our Reality will undergo the same clearing work, and the same awakening process as us . . . . & restore itself to its Original Principles

    • linking up to the 12 Rays of the Central Sun

    • 12 Rays = 12 Programs  that allows for the different realities to unfold in our Universe, from where we can link up - using these Principles - in our Energy Systems.




Daily Morning Intentions

Randi Green Daily Mission Statement.gif

~ Randi Green ~

This is another day of my mission on this Planet to bring it back Online into the Full Human worlds - where we are advanced and know how to work with Energy and Consciousness.

Today the sequencing will teach me how to Progress and Expand my Consciousness further, Showing me all the things I need to see and do and experience, so I can further develop my Energy System and my physical form into the Highest Progression Rate ( the Brain Field), the Highest Principles ( the Heart Field ) and the Highest Energetic Standards.

I am an advanced human, here to further develop this Solar System and participating in creating a new Reality Field.

This is the new way i choose to perceive myself and my Reality Field.

I set my Intentions to have a Vastly Expanded Consciousness.

I am ready and committing energy to this.

I Intent to have the greatest progress in Energy and Consciousness posssible, as a gift to myself and all of life.

I intent to believe in Myself and My ideas.

I am the authority of what is good and right for me.

I choose to live with Self Acceptance, Self Love, Authenticity and Integrity.

I intent to live with Passion, Purpose, in harmony, clarity and Joy.

So it is.

So Mote it Be.


Not All the Stars Belong in the Sky

The thing is my fellow Travellers, You got here. You are finally here - at this moment.


Your heart's still beating. There is still music in your Soul.

Take a moment to become Consciously Self Aware & Mindful. Sit back.

Feel the ease of energy and consciousness flowing through you, when you let go, in the arrival, in the "being" instead of "doing". 

Brave, Courageous. Beautiful. You

You've made it here now !

Flatlay Flowers Journaling Self Care.jpg
Girly Feeling Music My Style.gif

   I hope that along Our Journey together, you will also learn to love Journaling, or at least discover its usefulness. 

      Writing your thoughts and feelings down is a wonderful way of activating a healing resonance in your Energy Field, that can vibrate into The Field.


The most important reasons to write a Reflective Journal are:


  1.   To make sense of circumstances in your life.

  2.   To Plan Future Events and Actions.

  3.   Writing ideas and problems down can help you solve them.

  4.   To focus your attention on maximum 3-5 goals/tasks for more effective Manifestation power.​

Rampage of Positive Momentum



A clear, cool night. I have been reading,

but the thoughts of man do not solace me.
I raised the curtain and looked at the moon, clear and silvery; and I brushed some of the unrest out of my mind.

I know all the theories of the moon.
There have been times when the symbols of science have robbed me of some of its mystery and charm.
But no one can explain the moon anymore than a grasshopper can explain me.

In youth, the moon promised too much.
But now I understand better; that was not the moon's fault.

Also, the moon and I have this in common:
We both are wanderers across the night.


~ Max Ehrman ~

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A Space to ReConnect   Hear your Soul Sp
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This is the time when you do whatever you'd like to.

 -  no chores, no work, no obligations.

 -  ONLY that which nourishes you honours your soul and recharges you at your core.


Let's Look at examples of some Simple Questions that may help you Become More Thoughtful and Aware of Yourself and Your Daily Life:

  How are you Feeling Today?

What Happened to Make you Feel this way?


  What Are you Goals & Intentions for This Day  ?


✤ What is the nicest compliment you have ever received?


. What are your strengths?


. What can you do, starting right now, to be more Self Loving?


. What can you - right now- forgive yourself for?


. What are some of the biggest insecurities you have that you would like to "work" on?