Present Moment Awareness

   Inner calm, clarity of mind,  loving-kindness, and emotional resilience are attributes that are available to anyone willing to walk the journey  . . .

You must understand that we have come forth from the Non-Physical. The physical world around us has come forth from the projection of the Non-Physical.

    You, me and everything around us are Extensions of the Non-Physical. We came forth into this physical Time-Space-Reality to Co-Create.  


Where is your mind centered right at this moment?


     Are you thinking about something that happened earlier or about your plans or upcoming events?  

     In case you haven’t noticed, you have mental chatter going on “ inside” your head - that never shuts up !


Can you for just one moment - step back and “view” you inner chatter objectively?

Just notice it. Don’t force anything.

Just notice.


Most of the time our mind is immersed in the past or projecting into the future. It’s rare that our whole being drifts to the present moment . . . the here and now, so delicately sandwiched between our past experiences and future dreams. So, if you observe this voice in your head . .You will notice that You ARE indeed the one WHO HEARS the voices inside you.


     The "Real" You are the one who NOTICES that the voices are talking.

You are the Observer.

There is a voice that is talking - and then there is You that is noticing.

This “Voice” is actually narrating the world for you.

What you’ll notice when you study this carefully, is that the narration makes you feel more comfortable with the world around you . . . almost like backseat driving.?


     Close your eyes and breathe in and out. With each inhalation and each exhalation bring yourself back to the present.


Stop reading these words and try it now for a few moments.


     Using mindfulness tools like breath awareness, meditation, yoga, and the intention to be present in each moment, you can further explore the possibilities.



Mindfulness is paying attention to what is Happening Inside & Outside yourself in the Present Moment.  This begins with something that is incredibly simple . . . 


   What would it feel like to be completely connected to your spirit in each moment?





Not re-living the past or projecting into the future but simply allowing yourself to BE . . . breath by breath.


Sweetly present to whatever is going on.


Guided Meditation

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Present moment awareness” isn’t something that can be captured in words. It is a holistic awareness of “what is”. Since there’s so much interest in the idea of the “present moment”, it might be easy to get caught up in concepts about it and what it is.  

Any idea we have about the present moment, however, is not what it is.

As you listen to this meditation, listen easily. Treat it more like poetry than prose, allowing it to reveal something to you that can’t be named. Let go of the need to understand!

~ ~

Present Moment Awareness

Present Moment Awareness - Meditation Oasis
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Do not try to save
the whole world
or do anything grandiose.
     Instead, create
a clearing
in the dense forest
of your life
and wait there
until the song
that is your life
falls into your own cupped hands
and you recognize and greet it.


~ Martha Postlewaite ~

Awakening Your LightBody

Corps de Lumière Activations ~ LightBody Activations

The first 3 centres create the power base of your LightBody (they are not the chakras). When they are awakened, you can remain calm and peaceful, positively change your emotional and personal reactions to others, and be transparent to lower energies. 


  Open your breathing, as well as ways to release stuck emotions that keep you from feeling inner peace. Many who work with these 3 centers that form the light body power base discover an enhanced ability to stay calm and centered around other people's energy, an increased ability to feel at ease physically and to relax physically. 

Read the Written Material for Vol. 1


   Track 03 - Nu’a & Dinia 2nd Journey


Reading & Journaling to be Done after Track 03

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Between You & Your Soul

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   I hope that along Our Journey together, you will also learn to love Journaling, or at least discover its usefulness. 

      Writing your thoughts and feelings down is a wonderful way of activating a healing resonance in your Energy Field, that can vibrate into The Field.


The most important reasons to write a Reflective Journal are:


  1.   To make sense of circumstances in your life.

  2.   To Plan Future Events and Actions.

  3.   Writing ideas and problems down can help you solve them.

  4.   To focus your attention on maximum 3-5 goals/tasks for more effective Manifestation power.​

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Prepare Your Space:

  • Disconnect from the outside world

  • I prefer to shower / bath before

  • I love to listen to relaxing music for a few minutes

  • I love aromatherapy candles and being in space & setting that I use for my Journaling & Meditation


Centre Yourself.

  • Breathe Deeply and Follow the Breath 'till the Mind chatter quiets down.


 Ask yourself: 




Decide upon the Emotions you WANT to Feel.

  • Teach your Body-Mind How that Future is Going to FEEL Like

  • REHEARSE the New You.

  • What are the Thoughts that You DO want to Fire & Wire in your Brain?

  • Rehearse the new Choices and Emotions. Begin to install the neurological hardware for the Brain

  • Teach you Body Emotionally what Your Future is going to Feel like BEFORE it manifests.


Let Go of the past.

  • Feel Gratitude and Express it. Write it Down if you Must. 


  •   . . . Thank you for my Healthy, Full of Vitality, Naturally Slim Body

  •   . .  . Thank you for my Wonderful Life. Thank you for . . .  .

  • Really Teach your Body What is Feels like, with all of your heart.


Condition Your Body to a New Mind.


Take Time Every Day to:



~ Adpated from Dr Joe Dispenza ~

Space to Reconnect Journaling Hear your
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This is the time when you do whatever you'd like to.

 -  no chores, no work, no obligations.

 -  ONLY that which nourishes you honours your soul and recharges you at your core.


Let's Look at examples of some Simple Questions that may help you Become More Thoughtful and Aware of Yourself and Your Daily Life:

  How are you Feeling Today?

What Happened to Make you Feel this way?


   What Is the Greatest Idea of Myself that I can BE Today?   What Do I Really, Really Want in my Life?


  What Are you Goals & Intentions for This Day ?



   What do You Need to Do to Accomplish them?


   How can you be more Self Aware Today??


  What was the favourite part of your day ?


   If you could make one change in the world, what would it be ? 


  What excites you ?



   What area in your life, right now, makes you feel the best ?


  Which area makes you feel the worst? Why ?



   What can you do today to stay more centered and more aware of the present moment ?​​​



  Pick one item that really stands out from your  Gratitude List, and write why you are TODAY especially grateful for it. ?   


  Do you know yourself, really, deeply, know yourself ?


Guided Meditation

Breath Awareness MeditationMeditation Oasis
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Simply notice the breath as it moves in and out as the body inhales and exhales. Notice how the breath moves in and out automatically, effortlessly. Don't try to manipulate it in any way. Notice all the details of the experience of breathing -- the feeling of the air moving in and out of the nose, the way the body moves as it breathes, etc.

The mind will wander away from the breath -- that's fine, it doesn't matter. That's a part of the meditation! When you notice that you are no longer observing the breath, easily bring your attention back to it.

Let all of your experiences - thoughts, emotions, bodily sensations - come and go in the background of your awareness of the breath. Notice how all of your experiences -- thoughts, emotions, bodily sensations, awareness of sounds and smells -- come automatically and effortlessly like the breath.

In time, you can become aware of the tendencies of your mind. You will see how it resists certain experiences and tries to hold onto others. The natural settling down of the mind allows you to notice these underlying tendencies and creates the possibility to let them go. If you experience resistance to what is occurring, an attempt to change what is happening, a tendency to hold on to some experience - let it go.

Breath Awareness Guided Meditation

Yoga/ Qi Gong

Love My Body- Love My Life: Yoga, Dance Qi Gong for Fun

Playing Your Edge

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Work within your body’s current ability and do your best with each step.  Always listen to what your body is telling you. Use the Movements to generate a Flow of Energy.  " You are on the path... exactly where you are meant to be right now... And from here, you can only go forward, shaping your life story into a magnificent tale of triumph, of healing, of courage, of beauty, of wisdom, of power, of dignity, and of love." 


Lesson Resources

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10 Minutes to Reflect on your Day Journa
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Print out or On-Line Read the Accompanying Reading Material for this Volume. DO NOT read the material ahead of a particular Journey. It will take away from you own experience into the LightBody Centres if you do that. ALWAY in the LightBody work: Do the JOURNEY 1st and then only Read the Accompanying Material.


You can choose how you want to Journal.


1.   Print out the Journaling Pages. Or use an Online Application.