Code to the Matrix / DeProgramming Reality

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A massive release of knowledge pertaining to the codes used to construct the physical reality and the mental binds that tie us to it.

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Inception - Explaining the dream world

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Re-Setting the Energies that runs the Grids

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The Code to the Matrix

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The Real Matrix Explained

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Enough with the Re-Looping

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Plato’s Allegory of the Cave

Allegory of the Cave: The Matrix Scenes

Our planet/ Simulation Program is in the making of Re-Setting the energies running the grids, and fueling all organic forms. This is NOT going to happen overnight - but will take several years. This is happening, because the correct archetypes for the root races have been Re-Activated & Re-Connected to the grids of our planet, running the energies of the 3rd, 4th and 5th cycle (or the energies of the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimension if you like that better).


BIG, BIG changes ahead of us. These changes are NOT instigated by the progressive worlds, but from the factions within our quadrant. We are dealing with the descendants of the races that do not belong here, i.e. the races under the Orion supremacy and control. We are also dealing with the few remaining factions of the ancient races, which used to inhabit our solar system, that decided to collaborate with the incomers, setting in motion the new world order some 15500 years ago, when the Orion-Draco-Niburian empire decided to hijack our solar system.

Therefore, there will be a lot of correction of timelines in our Templates, pushing things to the surface to be cleared out.  


In the progressive worlds, the idea with the cycles is to progress from a lower point of understanding into a higher level, to complete the cycles with more knowledge of self and our surroundings. In the regressed and dark worlds, the law of the cycles has been changed into the snake biting its tail, not really getting anywhere other than into self-destruction. Eternal races have been taken out by that holographic technology of deception and false programs. Because, completing at the same point, where the cycle began, leads to nothing but downfall.


The organic vessel you and I have today, is a Niburian invention. It is made in a laboratory some 12500 years ago in adjacent realities and planted into this realm. Our constant genetic modification continues to this day.


The Greys are still operating within our reality and the challenges, they have, of creating a human-grey hybrid, developing their hybrids into "beings" that are able to withstand the upgrades of the sun and the universes around us, as well as providing some other "god-forsaken" races they work for, with an organic vessel in their liking and in their image, from which they finally can leave their regressed or dark state.  The ancient races & the descendants of the "Orion- Nibiruan - Reptillian Hi-Jackers" are all trying to make OUR planet - and Solar System - into something they can inhabit.  It is part of a grand plan to get all of the human worlds under their possession. A plan that began eons ago !  

For that reason, they have quarantined, isolated, "trapped" us in our Realty Field so we don't have access points into the true human worlds!  Those of us, working to free our hijacked Reality, we know all of this. But the fact is, we volunteered to do this work, knowing very well that we might have a very little success rate. Help from "outside: is not going to come. We have to do the work to free ourselves.


As all of this Re-Setting happens, the inner worlds, we are part of, will probably wobble a couple of times in the process, pushing the energetic levels of our planet back and forth into the worlds we have left and the future negative worlds, we could have been part of - if we had stayed in the link up to the false time matrices.

We all have so much to catch up on to correct our progression journey to fit the original timelines. And yes, these are not pure and clear but at least they are not part of an artificial false time matrix but they are the ones that belong to our planet - again, under the old factions and control systems as I explain in the Souls of Humanity.


The main Goals of the New World Order (NWO) is:


1)  To take away the power and wealth from ALL other factions.

2) To upgrade humanity to be able to genetically withstand the regressed reality timelines OUTSIDE the timeline event fields and energies.  They are pushing things to the brink of what our system can handle.  This goal is NOT going so well. The inserted genetics break down and generate parasites instead. 

3) Terraforming our planet into a 4D and 5D reality setting, based upon the regressed dynamics and technologies, which are yet to be revealed as we get further into the regressed timeframes and spatial features of their worlds.

Agenda 21 is a non-binding action plan of the "United Nations" with regard to "sustainable" development. 

- Redistribution of Wealth
- Redistribution of Power
- Terraforming – not Climate Changes
- Modification of Genetics


"Agenda 21" is an evil and sinister plan by the united nations and the member countries are under obligations to implement its plans and programs (in disguise of the catchy term known as "sustainable development"). Educate yourself and others, if you really care, and do your own research to grasp the gravity and depth of the evil consequences of these so-called "development" programs. The NWO have - by waging war on the old races - forced the remaining hidden stellar races - that were keeping up the old lineages in our realm, (i.e. the good guys) - to leave our planet and by that, extinguish the very same racial grids that are keeping the renegade races alive here. And with no jurisdiction, they have no future here. So, all will end at some point. The question is at what price and with what consequences.

The old technologies are also dismantling, and we are doing the dimensional blend back to the original worlds, we were once part of. And no, not the Metaverse; that is energetically too far away from us still but at least it is the non-artificial and non-technological driven worlds if we are cautious and choose these timelines without the offered alien technologies as the main thing to run our world.

As we were pushed into the artificial construction in 2011-2014, with a lot of false memories, information and new "background" material defining us - and putting us into the hierarchy of the artificial worlds created by the AI-Grey-Zeta-Reptilian-Military-Enhanced Human Collaboration to create a new human species of hybrids, we were modified to fit the artificial worlds - on the inside of course. On the outside, we were doing business as usual and not understanding why everything around us, including the sky, suddenly turned Grey and gloomy. And this is what we now need to clear out and free ourselves from.

From that, those of us who choose to do so, we will aim & choose the path of the Highest Purity Rate, the Highest Standards and the Highest Progression Rate to be able to find our way back to the Metaverse of the original human races.


We will use the Progression Spiral to do so and the conceptualization of how to work with energy, using the Principles, Rules and Laws to build the energy system that will spiral us up the progression spiral and back into the 6th density energy system. 

Lots of things to be done for us, choosing the higher awareness of life, and the ability to truly be who we are. And lots to learn about energy, and the new ways that go with handling ourselves in the correct ways to be able to regain our correct energy system.

As it is shown in the movie The Adjustment Bureau; only the ones that defy the plan and the Foreman will get full free will. All other will lose their sovereignty and will be "en-slaved".

The Code to the Matrix

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Is the universe just a coincidence or was it created by a "god"?   The latest science is showing that the four forces governing our universe are phenomenally finely tuned. So finely that it had led many to the conclusion that someone, or something, must have calibrated them - or are our world the ultimate SIM game for "gods" amusement.

Our brains mathematically construct objective reality

by interpreting frequencies that are ultimately projections from another dimension,

from a deeper order of existence that is beyond space and time.


The brain is a hologram, shrouded in a holographic universe.


What is “outside of us” is a vast ocean of waves and frequencies,

and reality seems only real to us because our brains are able to perceive this holographic mist and turn it into stones, trees and other familiar objects that make up our world.

It is suggested that if our existence is predetermined, we go through life in a "reality tunnel"...


This means we travel through the universe, limited in what we can experience.

We must hit the major milestones like career, marriage, illnesses, etc. but we are free to move about our tunnel.

Not every moment of time is hardwired into our experience, but our preferences may be programmed to ensure we choose appropriately.

"   We shall put a barrier betwixt them so none may cross.

On one side they will see what they forfeited, and on the other, they can

see what they escaped, contemplate this in wisdom.  "

      Paranormal feelings and experiences, OBE, Kundalini Awakening etc do not denote that you have reached the "True Path", and one should carefully access all of what is happening.

     It becomes obvious that if the "Gods" could/ wanted to do something about this world to make it better, they would have done it a long time ago.

      Why keep secrets ?

Indeed these the Ruling Elite have something that needs to be kept a secret due to its abhorred nature.

-    During the invasion of the Anu - also known as the Annunaki - beings from another constellation called Nibiru came to Tiamat/

Earth to subdue it.   Almost ALl of the religions are Annunaki propaganda. Their main interest was our natural Resources and Soul Genetics - termed, the Gold.  

-     The Annunaki are responsible for the Nephalim stories of the Bible. They altered the race of what appeared to be tehn pure spiritual Beings of various types, into spirit forms in-cased in flesh in which they could slave and master over and Harvest their Soul Genetics.

-     Some of them taught the humans the so called "Mystery Teachings" . . . the mysteries of enhancing the body:  it later became known as “the Wisdom of the Serpent”.   Anu was NOT impressed with this and sent Grandson Marduk - who arrived in a Ship: Planet X to handle the Rebellion on Tiamat. Planet X Space Ship is the size of a Planet similar to George Lucas’s Death Star entered orbit around our Sun as the 12th Planet in the 10th position from the Sun hence its name Planet X. This marked the last crossing of Nibiru.

-    Marduk used a weapon known in the Tablets as a Net -

called also the Net of Indra.  This is some type of

atmospheric net that keeps souls trapped on Earth/Tiamat not

allowing them to continue their evolution.

-     Marduk aka Ra,  set up the Pyramid systems, as the first


-   Ra then became ruler -  over this "place" where souls go and

remained trapped in the net, thus re-incarnation, over and over is a curse.

-    All of the  Egyptian Gods - like Anubis serves the Ruling Annunaki.

The Queen of England, who was appointed as ONE of the representative 

of the Ruling Stellar Races world, has instilled the worship of Ra, Anubis, and the rest of the Annunaki pantheism under various

Sumerian, Egyptian, and Hebraic guises.

-   Other names of the Annunaki and their offspring are The Anakim, this is why Anakin Skywalker is Dark Vader in the

Star Wars Series. They are offspring of E.A. This is why the new name for our planet is “Ea”rth,

three wise men came from the “Ea”st, and the major Christian celebration is called “Ea”ster.

-     Other Names : Sumerian EL, Akkadian ILU, Babylonian ELLU, and English ELF . . . . 

called by their worshippers the “Shining Ones” .

-    They altered man, a downgrade, calling them LuLu meaning “mixed one” and Adapa, “model man”

who the Hebrews call Adam.

-    According to the Sumerian text, Tiamat’s seas were full of souls that could be harvested. This is the hidden

meaning behind the Fisher King and Jesus being called “the Fisher of Men”. When Planet X collided with and split Tiamat into 2 parts, she released an ocean of souls or cosmic essence into the cosmos.

-     The Greek version of Tiamat was Demeter, which is where we get the term Diameter, the cutting or dividing a circle in two, or split. -     This is how we became separated from our other half. The Egyptian termed these two parts the Ka and the Ba. Ka’bah.


What self-aware spiritual entity would

agree to a life of slavery?

-    The Annunaki see the Earth bound souls as genetic breeding libraries for them to use as energy harvests.

-     The Hammurabi’s Code, which later became the Ten Commandments found also in the Egyptian Book of the Dead, became the guidelines issued to this race of Earth Human's souls to give them rules and conformity. Various plans have existed to keep us from reaching our real potential through the Art of Conviction.

-   Ninhursag, the Sumerian Hathor, or Isis, was called the Great Cow. Legend says she is the true power behind E.A./Aya.

She was called the Carpenter, the Coppersmith, and the Lady Potter. Later

her name was changed to Archangel Gabriel feminine such as Gabriella. AA Gabriel appeared to the Virgin Mary

alerting her of the birth of the Christ Child Jesus. In 600 A.D., she visited Muhammad dictating the Koran to him.

She is a Seraphim, meaning serpent of Raphim or Rephaim, another Nephalim Hybrid connection. Gabriel used the

caduceus rod to move souls on and out of physical bodies. It helps to see this as advanced technology of Spirit insemination.

-     The Staff of Caduceus ( our symbol for doctors and healing )

is in fact some type of Annunaki technology used to transfer spirits into matter

and manipulate energy through the tuned

vibrations of the carrier.

-    Some of the offspring of the Nephalim that were reptilian and

amphibian hybrids lived much longer and became kings. This is how the bloodlines

began. The intermingling with woman continued in order to spawn successors.

This is known as "  The Abomination ".

Fishing Net.png
Staff_of Caduceus.png

-  The Great Pyramids point to the Sirius Star system, more commonly called

the Dog Star in Canis Major.  Every Year on January 1st Sirius reaches the Meridian Point at exactly midnight. This is of course the beginning of a new Gregorian Year. In Egypt, this was the most important star.  It is not only the brightest star in the sky, but it can also be seen  from anywhere in the world while many stars cannot. The  Egyptians called this star the Goddess Sopdet, pictured riding side saddle on a large Dog and at times as an actual Dog.

-     She is known as the wife of Osiris who is Orion. She was also known under this same star as Sothis and Sophis, which is where the

Greeks got the term Sophia from their channel of Illumination. Sophia was the exact equivalent to the Holy Ghost aka Shekinah: Shekinah is derived from the Hebrew verb שכן, means "to settle, inhabit, or dwell".

It is the Hebrew name given to the presence of "god" dwelling on the Earth.

-     In the actual Egyptian text, Isis/Sothis is noted giving birth to the Morning Star Venus

The Morning Star is Jesus of Nazareth. As the Bust of Isis says, I AM Isis I have brought forth the Sun/Son.

-    The Pyramids of Egypt are the portal to Sirius and also Amenti the Underworld. Once again Sirius is indicated

by the 5 pointed star. This would mean all those using the 5 pointed stars are evoking energy from Sirius which spells the Underworld in the afterlife.

-   There is a constant in-fighting amongst the "gods" - brothers, sisters, niece and nephews, kin and cousins . .  back and forth between them . . constantly.

-     The " gods " fight amongst themselves for power and rulership, and most of humanity are left clueless,

marionettes and pawns in their wars and battles, and made to serve.

-     The Hybrid Regressed  Stellar Races & their Dynasties never stopped ruling. They simply branched out

and co-mingled, setting up hierarchies and pyramid systems of control everywhere.

-   When they couldn't subdue the masses by war alone, they started to use mind control, School Systems, the Media,

Social Media, Pharmaceutical Drugs, Chem Trails, Toxins in Food and Water, Frequency attacks, etc. .

-    Considering how long this charade of playing "gods " has been going on, this may be the first time at least in this

segment that such knowledge of the inner workings of our society has been placed in our hands. Not to mention, this is

probably the first time a mass of people are at a comprehension level to at least grasp what is happening. In the history of man,

the masses have been mostly clueless, powerless and with little intellectual insight into the inner working of the ISP and how it is Controlled and Masterminded to Play out the Elite Rulers' GamePlans.

-     The knowledge of Restoring Your Soul Genetics, Re-Connecting to your "lost" Soul Parts& the REAL Ascension Keys has been selfishly hidden by the Elite Alchemists, but now we are hacking MorpheusOrpheus and he will HAVE TO tell us everything.

-    The loss of collective life memory has everything to do with how strong your Spirit is when it departs from this world.


I see it as useless to keep

incarnating into lives in which we have no full knowledge of our

previous experiences.


The best advice I can give anyone, is

to begin to work on Expanding Your Consciousness,

Regain Your Multi-Dimensional Awareness,

Restore your Soul Genetics,

and Grow your Spirit.

Simulation Program matrix 3.gif

"THEY are the gatekeepers. THEY are holding all the keys,
THEY are guarding all the doors,"

Morpheus, in "The Matrix"

Let me ask you this: did YOU sign any contract with The Game Keepers? 

Where is your signature?

Are YOU a Game Player ?  or are you an "extra in the Movie"?

"Do you think it's air that you're breathing ?"

(Morpheus, in "The Matrix")

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Dune” by Frank Herbert

Ultimate Guide To Dune (Part 1) The Introduction

Ultimate Guide to Dune (Part 6) Heretics of Dune

Enough with the Re-Looping

The constant re-looping of our reality has had devastating consequences. And it is possible to do because humans wish for a retry, whenever something goes wrong. People say; "I wish I could do things all over again. And then I will do better. If only I could turn back time." So, humans are giving consent to constant re-looping. 


Let us end that. No more re-looping. We will deal with what is ahead of us and what is in the now. We are skilled humans.


Let us say instead: I fucked up. And then evaluate. Think things through and find the answers to the following: 

  1. What did you do in a less productive way? And then fix what went wrong - that is, what can be fixed. Make it right as quickly as possible. Do what you have to do to make it right. You cannot change what others did, but fix what you did. And then change your energy system to follow with the new settings of your life.

  2. What halted you from making the correct choice, as in what choice would have gotten you to a place, where you could have got a better outcome? What was "in you" that made you make that choice? Remove it in energy work. Work with your energy patterns to clear your fields.

  3. What can you do, if a similar situation shows up, in a more productive way to make your life a better story? Visualize a better way to approach the same issue and then "code" it into your brain in meditation by visualizing the perfect solution. Amplify the heart field and brain field with the new coding. Use hands on.

  4. Decide this is the new you. Progress.


You write the narrative of your life.

You are the writer, you are the director and you are the actor in your own narrative.

Take that responsibility. Make a better life. 

Focus on what is, and not what was.


We live in a progression system. A system that is made to move forwards and upwards. Not stagnate, and repeat itself (the year, the seasons, the repeat of lessons - all NOT how things should work here), and because of this wrongful use of energy, it is making our reality move downwards into the regression spiral.

Fight the need to stay status quo.

Fight your comfort zone.

Challenge yourself to perform better.

Do better.

Be better.

Achieve more. Cardio-walk instead of pace-walking. Bike instead of driving.




Changes are afoot. And not from what humanity would like it to be. We have had the chances for over 2550 years to prepare for the incoming extra-systemic changes, aka the new grand cycle (the NGC).

There is plenty, humans can do to alleviate the incoming extra-systemic energies, but humanity needs to take a stand on who and what they are.


It is time to change.

The culprit of the severe situations on our planet is humanity and their ways of persistently wanting to do business as usual.

It is time to change our ways of how we live, how we are and how we feel and think. In every way possible, humans behave in outdated and old-fashioned ways.


Humanity needs to upgrade and be educated in new ways of being human. It is time to take personal action and full responsibility.