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Getting the Know the ISP

We are Living inside a SIMULATED REALITY:    An Interactive Reality Program.


The ISP is a collective production of many races from many worlds.


Our Reality is:

  • a Hologram

  • a Grid Structure built by Consciousness

  • Affected by Consciousness & Technology

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We have many times referred to the notion that our Universe is a Simulation Game.


The "Game" of Life


-   Is Earth a Holographic Projection Planet that is Quarantined  . . .  ?


-    Can we "Escape" the Illusionary Matrix that We Dream?


The 1st thing you learn when you go to school is how to spell.

-   We " spell " words to create a sentence (a jail term)... being in school is a " life sentence ". 

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Is This all Just a Cosmic Joke?

It's Just a Ride

Let me tell you Why you're here

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Is it All just a Comic Joke ?


" All the world's a stage, and all the men & women merely players:

they have their exits & their entrances;

and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages "

~ William Shakespeare ~

Are we part of a depraved cosmic joke, the product of a vast and ruthless universe?

    Through the eyes of science, we're a speck of junk spinning around the core of the Milky Way galaxy, which itself is whirling through the unfathomable blackness of space.

-   As humans, we like to believe we are at the top of the food chain.  . . .

But like the sheep who is unaware it is to be sheared or the cattle who are oblivious to their slaughter by the farmer until the very end we could similarly be clueless to invisible entities who might feed off our energy and capture our souls when we die. 


-   How fitting that Christians are referred to as the flock and Jesus as their shepherd, or lamb of God. 

-   Entities are sometimes able to feed off of our auric field and harvest our Soul genetics from an overtone away from our wavelength.

-   Energy Workers/ Medical Intuitive are known to extract these attachments or intrusions as they are called.  


     Crystallized energies embed themselves in the human physical body. Many believe that crystallized energies are the result of black magic or sorcery.  Sometimes they are also energetic remnants - memories of how we died, how we were hurt, or how we were killed in a former existence.

astrophe (n). the feeling of being stuck on Earth.

     We learn about the planets of our Solar System when we’re five or six, and about other galaxies a few years later. And then we realize that, as endless as our Solar System may seem, it’s just a tiny dot in an infinite expanse of silence and dust..… there is just so much out there! We are grounded: stuck on Earth.  Yet the treasures of the Universe are alive in our imagination.

~ The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows ~

The Ocean of Consciousness 

is the Source of All Matter


We are Consciousness.

Our World is a tiny frequency range

within Infinite Ranges of Frequencies.

LIFE is like a holographic television station.


   Our consciousness creates the channel, the frequency, of the REALITY we experience.


   We may never find the edge of the Universe or the smallest particle because . . . .

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Is Our Reality an Illusion?

Abraham - Hicks

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We are building the Universe as we go!

Consciousness is the programming language of our holographic Universe.

We are consciousness conductors.


Consciousness comes through us

and emanates from us.


The world is just a ride, but we forgot that fact and began to believe that the ride is real.

Mind is Matrix of Matter max Planck Quot

Let Me Tell You Why You're Here

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"   Let me tell you why you're here. 

     You're here because you know something. What you know you can't explain but you feel it. You felt it your entire life. That there's something very wrong with the world. You don't know what it is - but it's there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad. It is this feeling that has brought you to me.


Do you know what I'm talking about? 

~ The Matrix Movie ~

     Our attempt to explain the nature of the universe and what’s really going on requires an understanding of how the observer – our presence – plays a role.

Experiments have shown over and over again that you and me - as The Observer - critically influences the outcome. It has been conclusively proven that a particle’s behaviour depends upon the very act of observation.

It then becomes clear why space and time – and even the properties of matter itself – depend on the observer. 

Reality isn’t a "thing", it’s a process that involves our consciousness.


       Life is a melody so vast and eternal that human ears can’t appreciate the tonal range of the symphony. Time is the mind’s tool that animates the notes, the individual frames of the spatial world. “There’s no way to remove the observer – us – from our perceptions of the world,” said Stephen Hawking.


     “The past, like the future, is indefinite and exists only as a spectrum of possibilities.

” You, the observer, collapse these possibilities, the cascade of events we call The Universe.

      In 1990 almost a full decade before the release of the popular Matrix movie trilogy, a CIA operative named John Grace wrote under the pseudonym Val Valerian in a book named Matrix II: The Abduction and Manipulation of Humans Using Advanced Technology, "Fourth density Greys possess the technical equipment to draw energy from the human bioplasmic field. They also have the ability to extract memories & experiences from the human being.


    They who await in the light when a human being dies. The human is then recycled into another body and the process begins all over again. Various Stellar Races have been abducting humans for many centuries - they view Earth as a big "farm", and have been harvesting & abducting humans for various purposes. Humans are effectively considered raw materials, including to be used as nutrition and also for parasitic energy usage by some of them.


-  The Light and Tunnel at death is a " Soul Trap". Scanning someone they wish to recycle as they near death, aliens discover who the person was close to has died. They project the person(s) image in the white light tunnel and the image waves you in deeper. If you CHOOSE to follow you will be trapped & sent to YET another incarnation on "Earth School".


-  'Go into the Light' are the salespersons chosen to advertise this alien venture. NEVER enter the false light. ~




This gives a new perspective on what is typically referred to as "harvesting" in the Bible & The Law of One material.

      DON'T trust RA & The Law of One Material  or A Course in Miracles (  It's just another Software Program running to Trap us.)

Proof we are Living Inside a Simulation

Open Your Reality

Excerpts from The Interactive Simulation Program

~ by Randi Green ~



     Our universe is just one out of many where a soul in development can explore existence, transform energy and develop consciousness, turning potential consciousness into advanced and completed awareness by the use of energy systems and matter forms.  Completing the evolutionary cycles in the various realities and then completing them here, develops our Souls into a full capacity consciousness integrated into a human form, a so-called full human.



-  As mentioned before, "Operators" of the ISP (Interactive Simulation Program) came from many worlds to participate in the failed progression of the 3rd world Races.

- Some chose to only loosely participate with only a small percentage of their consciousness integrated into ISP . . . aka " The Angels / Angelic Beings". 

-   Others chose more intricate & nuanced forms.

- The more advanced the operating vessel was, the deeper the operators chose to connect to their operating vessel ( body).


- The 1st Group completed its simulation long time ago. New, more complex simulations and new versions of the Operating Vessels arose. Having multiple simulations running, Soul Groups could unfold their simulation in different places of the ISP... called segments. These simulations are still running till today, and it is this version of the ISP that we, today ( meaning humanity  . . ) are caught up in.


- The 2nd run of Operators has been PREVENTED from leaving their operating vessels,  due to events that took place after the 1st take-over of the ISP, when some operators deflected to the shadow worlds & developed ISP Technology that PREVENTED us from waking up in-between incarnations & leave the operating vessels . . . . ( the movie Avatar does hold many similarities to the integration into an operating vessel.)


- We have thus been kept in a suspended state, shifting from particle form to particle form, re-circulating our initial chiasm ( RoadMap / Path ).


- Sometime during late 1900, it became clear to the opponents that if they were to complete their OWN chiasm / produce a real form OUTSIDE the ISP... they NEEDED the 2nd run through operators in a MORE AWAKENED STATE TO UPHOLD The ISP & PREVENTING THE ISP from going into shutting down phase ( the default of the ISP ) . . . this is when they began to PARTIALLY wake us up - just enough to keep the ISP going.


- They isolated the Simulation areas, under what we could call a type of holographic Dome / Parallel Reality.   Each of these holographic domes contains the simulation programs of a segment with their operators placed in hibernation in facilities nearby.  The operators involved in an ISP dome have their operating vessels, and they are the Real Players.


- There are a lot of holographic forms going on inside the simulation as well.  The "Real Players", have " the Light in their eyes, mind, and hearts" . .  while the holographic features are mere particle vessels, as well as entities of the distortions fields. ( You can search YouTube Video's: " human clones breaking down"...  I'm not going to post them here on my Website.


- Players with a semi-activated operator recognize each other, while the holographic humans are " the crowd" or the clones. " The Crowd Clones" are the result of the player's intention, perception, and understanding of their ISP world.


- Each of the Segments of the ISP world has THEIR OWN VERSION of the TOTAL ISP  we are part of...  hence the opposing factions, etc.


- Naturally, Some Segments have lost their original intent... and are now playing the role of the military-industrial complex, the elite, etc. .  and naturally they have coded the collective ISP world to be able to unfold the agenda they chose in the code layer.  Viruses have been introduced to make it even harder for us to complete the ISP Simulations.


- It is important to note that the ISP is NOT like the Movie Matrix depicts . . . our code has more to do with consciousness in the projection field. We are NOT to learn to link up to a computer and similar interface programs being used via the technology of the ISP ( . . . yet ! ).

Our Stellar System

Galaxy Space Vortex Blue.png

Humanity is not alone in the universe, for the universe we will encounter is full of intelligent life. Living in a well inhabited and long-established region of space, our world will find itself in a greater neighbourhood. 

   Within this neighbourhood are many powerful nations that have created vast networks of trade and commerce that are tightly governed. And most nations in this region of space are dependent upon these networks for the essential resources they need to support their technology and, in some cases, essential resources just to provide the basic requirements of life.

The world, therefore, is not in some remote and unexplored region of the universe. Our proximity to this great establishment of life gives us certain advantages and certain disadvantages.


   The solar system we are part of is not a solar but a Stellar System   All humans in our system are thus stellar humans and not “planetary” ( planet = aka plane with a net over it ) as we have been told. There is no such thing as a planetary human, living on a round planet in a solar system. 


   The typical stellar system in our universe, the main cradle of life we are a part of, holds two suns or stars from which the reality field gets its influx of energy. Each of the stars holds a range of dimensions or different oscillation levels of energy coded with the principles of the range of consciousness each of the stars can develop in that reality field, aka a stellar system. 


In our stellar system, we also have planets representing dimensions or types of energy. 


   The outer triadic structure ( Physical form ), we are upholding, for now, is not in its natural state.  The lowest point of our triadic structure is stuck in evaporation energies, being pulled down by the Lunar 1st dimensional energies of the Moon. The energies in our reality field are being controlled by Sirian B technology and inserted grids into the core of our reality field. This keeps the human DNA-template and the physical DNA stuck in the unnatural 1st to 3rd dimension disabling it from recreating its original 4th to the 6th-dimensional template. The DNA-template is the basis of the triadic form of our system. 


   The energy system, fueling the consciousness units of the monadic level in us and grounding it into the triadic form, has been dismantled and re-engineered into energy systems foreign to our system.   The natural dyadic structure holds one main centre and that is the one in the heart, bridging the monadic plane into the triadic form and in this, linking our personality up to the unified field of consciousness of our scheme as well as to the core of our reality field.


The cradles of life in our scheme, the Multiverses, and Universes, have their own systemic monadic level, holding their own sets of principles to be developed through the dyadic structure and triadic form. 

The idea of one main Source is thus incorrect.  We do not return to “Source” unless we want to, dissolving our dyadic structure.


   We travel from system to system, developing our consciousness using the different systemic levels and their forms until we have sojourned all possible systemic levels and their systems, and from that, we are ready to join the next stage of evolution in the higher systems.

   Our advantage is that war and conquest are suppressed in this region of space. They are suppressed to maintain order and to provide security and stability for the larger networks of nations and their commerce and trade with one another. After going through long eras of war and competition and conflict, these larger networks have been established.

   In this region of space, war is suppressed and outright conquest is not allowed. So if a nation wishes to gain advantage and influence in another world, such as an emerging world like our own, they must use more subtle means and employ other agents to carry out such an intervention. It is important to have this larger perspective. Otherwise, you will not understand what restrains your potential allies and why they are not interfering in the world today.

   How does a race such as our maintain its freedom and self-determination amidst the presence of powerful and persuasive forces who will seek to undermine our confidence, our unity and our courage?

It is not a battle of weapons. It is not a battle of military might. It is a battle of will and intentions, a battle that is being played out [in] the mental environment—a great environment of influence where more powerful minds can influence weaker ones, an environment that humanity knows very little about.

Humanity knows not of its vulnerability in space. Most of humanity still thinks that a "saviour" race is going to come to assist us, to enlighten us or to save us from your own errors. Such are the misconceptions of an isolated race, who has never had to adapt itself to the realities of the Greater Community. This naïve and foolish perspective, of course, means that most of humanity is uninformed and uneducated about the realities of life beyond your borders. 

For humanity to be self-sufficient and a sovereign race, free from outside governance and control, we must No-one will or SHOULD not come to save humanity or intervene, for this would destroy our autonomy in the universe.

Bibliography & References:

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The Less Progressive Reality Field


Our  Reality Field  Planetary System was Re-constructed by the Ancient Stellar Races after The TimeLine Event.




  • Contrary to the Holographic Universe, where everything is fuelled by the OverSoul Principles... the Reality we currently inhabit is fuelled by an artificial Core called the Central Sun, which was created to keep the Fields of our Universe ( The Less Progressive Universe ) stable.

  • The creators of the Central Sun ( not our Sun that we see . . but the Central Sun ) . . . were deflectors from the Soul Races that chose to go on their own and generate a secondary Holographic Universe... They create their own Interactive Simulation Program & Generate a secondary holographic Universe. In the LPU ( Less Progressive Universe ) everything is Created & Controlled by the Less Progressive Reality Field Races. . . . where they can “ Play their Own Game” . . .

Galaxy Spiral Planets Cosmos galactic Co

Our reality is referred to as the LPRF1 (planetary or frequency based). 


The solar system we are part of is one of many minor cradles of life, which were created eons ago by higher developed races. These races had already passed through the many different types of energies, developing energies from a previous scheme, using the consciousness of our evolutionary scheme (the multiverses and universes) and from that had developed a manifold of Realities.

  • As they completed the transformation and development of the first unified field of consciousness in our scheme, they left us with a transformed unified field of consciousness of “coded”, developed as well as pure consciousness units for us to work within the many-seeded reality fields (universes), they left behind for us to develop.

  • The idea was for all humans in the cradles of life to pull in, work with and develop from the principles the first races had installed into the transformed unified field of consciousness as well as developing new lifeforms holding a vast range of consciousness and energy.

  • These races are  often referred to as the “ Ancient Ones.” 


The Internal Strife 

  • An Internal Strife separated the Holographic Metaverse into 2 Different factions of Soul Races

    • The Original Soul Races

    • The Less Progressive Races


  • Without going into to much detail... the Internal Strife was about a dispute about what to do with certain factions of Soul Races that were not able to keep up with the Progression Dynamics of their Reality Field ( Still a problem today with our Soul Groups . . !!! )

  • There were Soul Groups that were in the risk zone of being pulled back into Less Progressive Soul Cycles because some of the souls simply did not progress fast enough... this would harm ALL other Soul Races in that Soul Cycle !! 

  • The Soul Races which were no being able to meet the requirements of the next Sul Cycle ( they could to match the new light codings ) would be pulled back.

  • So ONE FACTION of the Meta-Councils advocated the need to put a HOLD on the Evolutionary progress of the Soul Races to the next Soul Cycle.  . . until all the Races of the Soul Cycle could move forward.

  • The OTHER FACTION was more in favour of letting the natural progression continue and then balance the remaining Soul Races AFTERWARDS with the help of Technology Enhanced Genetics.

  • It’s Important to Understand that EVERYTHING is connected to SOUL GENETICS . . . !


  • SO lots of experimentation were done to enhance the Genetics of the lower level Races so they may progress with the rest.

  • These experiments however FAILED, and the outcome was a GREAT POLITICAL CONFLICTS & DIVISION.

The prohibiting or OWO technologies were part of the hijacking of our reality that took place some 15500 years ago and created a barrier between our artifically kept lower order reality and the true universal realities "out there" in the higher densities. Our reality is referred to as the LPRF1 (planetary or frequency based). 


Image Source: Randi Green

The Less Progressive Universe

Solar System Planets.png

✦    Contrary to Original Set-Up Holographic Metaverse - where everything is fuelled by the OverSoul Principle, the Less Progressive Universe (LPU)  we are currently part of, is fuelled by an Artificial Core, called the Central Sun.


This Central Sun was created to keep the Fields of the LPU energetically stable.

✦   The creators of the Central Sun were deflectors from the Soul Races that chose to go on their own, create their own Interactive Simulation Program & Generate a secondary holographic Universe.


In the LPU everything is Created & Controlled by Less Progressive Reality Field Races.

Galaxy Space Planets Cosmos Consciousnes

    Due to the artificial core of the LPU, new holographic solutions needed to be able to exist in this Universe.

The invention of a Template with Genetics & Extensions of these into an Energy System ( the Chakra & Aura Systems) was the solutions the Ancient Stellar Races came up with.


Unfortunately, these types of Templates needed Technology Enhanced Genetics ( TEG's ). They also CANNOT progress or evolve into something higher.


   This Type of Template/ Energy System holds a Personality & Mind, but it cannot exceed the Potentials of the Artificial Genetics it holds ( unless the TEG's are modified or new ones are installed).


✦   TEG's are highly prone to unfold what is called " The Infection" . . an infection is when a TEG breaks down and then turns dark.  An infected Energy System that holds a dissolving Template is called a Dark One. Dark ones dissolve when the integrated genetics of the Energy System dissolves into dust . . . therefore, the "Dark Ones" survive by becoming parasites, sucking the Life Force Genetics out of other Stellar Humans.

The TimeLine Event

Time Playing with Clocks .gif
Galaxy Cosmos Space Planets Consciousnes

~ Brief Excerpt ~

SETAH Fundamentals Course 1 




Our  Reality Field / Planetary System was Re-constructed by the Ancient Stellar Races after The TimeLine Event.


  • After the TimeLine Event the previous mixed Core, now distorted, retracted into a “black hole”. And what was one the Sirian Workstations, now became a brown dwarf.  The remnants of the exploding workstation were gathered together in the outskirts of the LPU fields, generating what we know as the Asteroid Belt. 

  • So most of the Races were pulled out of the reality Field and back to their Original Status because of this re-setting mechanism. The Ones that DID NOT MAKE IT, due to full integration into the LPU Energy system, were fragmented ALONG WITH THE LPU RACES & their Soul Genetics were fused into the New Species of Humanoids.

  • The Response to the change of the dynamics in the mixed Core of the Syrian Star Cluster began a re-setting  . . . which is an inbuilt safety mechanism of all Reality Fields. ( if / when genetics are pushed too far into a new field, and they do not match the one they are part of, the Field will re-set form the Core Level & Out, forcing the Genetics of the humanoids present there to reset back to the original settings of the Field ).

  • From there the infection jumped to the reality Fields themselves  . . . and initiated a separation process from the reality Fields that were not infected... as an inbuilt measure to protect themselves from being infected as well. This splitting off generated a huge burst of forces ( hey . . BIG BANG !! ) . . . because of the Holographic Metaverse’s Principles reacting to the separation, pushing more of the infected reversed light codings BACK into the Core as a sort of FEEDBACK - Chain - Reaction

  • This widespread infection of the Workstation Gridworks & the infected humanoids initiated a Series of TIMELINE COLLAPSES... where the grid works and their Timelines began to break down, deteriorating all genetics within.

  • When some of the regressed Races experimented with the TEG”s in the hope of solving this problem, a portion of the Central Sun Light Codings was infected. This infection got out of control and it ended up infecting the Entire Core Crystal and from there jumped from the Core Plasma crystal into the Workers in the Sirian Workstations . . from there the infection spread into the Core of the Sirian Star Clyster holding the LPU ( Less Progressive Universe we are part of )!

  • But some of the Less Progressive Races loved to experiment with the TEG’s in a hope to solve the deterioration problem of the TEG Infected Races ( TEG”S has the tendency to become infected with dark energy and break down very easily. The deterioration of a template that holds TEG’s eventually results in a separation of the Soul from the Holographic Universe altogether. )

  • Higher Level Plasma Races preferred to isolate themselves from others in an attempt to keep their genetics pure, and ONLY utilized small portions of TEG’s.  All Old Stellar Races understood that an 80-20 ratio was needed to keep Soul Genetics from the Holographic Universe Intact when trying to upgrade them with Technology Enhanced Genetics  ( TEG’s ).

  • The “Dark Ones” originated from one of the science labs in the Sirian Workstations.

Read more about the Emplacement in this article.

The Emplacement.png
Timeline Event.png

Image Source: Randi Green

Cube Animated.gif

We are to focus upon learning to work correctly with Energy & Consciousness.


     There are Rules & Principles that define how you work with Energy. These Rules and Laws & Principles will insert you in different levels of the Progression Spiral, and that will determine which Reality you are to become part of - defining HOW you built your Energy System.


This is why it is very important to learn these Energetic Rules, because whenever you are not working with them correctly, you will be diminishing your Energetic Potentials, and this will push you further and further down into the level of the flesh.


     Let's Remember some of the Original Understanding we had so we can create a higher version of the Human Mind & Emotions, from where we can begin our Journey and our True Exodus out of the Lower Levels of the ISP ( the levels of enslavement and exploitation & entrapment).  Getting back into the True worlds of Consciousness & Progression & Evolution to the higher purpose of Life.


The Human vessel is engineered to ReSet to its Encoded Settings during Sleep - Every Night !

     Hence, what was learned the day before, if it falls outs the accepted scale of information of our reality, is DELETED during DreamTime, or transferred to the Sub-Conscious - where it is left to “die out” due to lack of energy. Unless of course, it fits within the parameters of the human vessel and what it is constructed to produce Energy.

     We have the ability to Activate and FREE our Templates - most of us have false, inserted, overlay template layers - which you need to activate & CLEAR OUT as well because these are the ones that are generating energetic parasites in you and this is why it is difficult for you to activate and wake up, because when you have holographic technologies & TEGS inserted into you body template/energy system, that prevents you from activating. The moment you try do Activate, you energy systems activate the WRONG genetics and that is how the energetic parasites are created.

    We need to clear all of the TEG's and Inserted Technologies and parasites out as well as all disconnect from all the TimeLines that we participated in / our Templates have been used by the different factions for the last 50 000 years - these are the factions that own your Template, and they have been using us through these inserted, holographic humanoid genetics, to re-connect us to clones set-ups, from where the factions have produced different types of genetics to be used in THEIR TimeLines - fuelling these TimeLines and keeping them alive, from where they have been able to do the different Projects here on Earth- trying to revive their OWN TimeLInes / keeping them actively in using humans from OUR System, because the current human form is part of the Engineering that happened in very Ancient Egypt, that was a re-Creation of the human form, after the Fall of the Atlantis Project.

   The current human form was engineered to produce and transform energy, but the original form was downsized to be currently HIGHLY CONTROLLED.

     When you study this type of material presented here - read, take note, ask questions, ponder upon your questions and answers in meditation. We are to learn how the brain works holographically.  As we clear our energy field and learn to work with our perceptions fields correctly, and the holographic principles that are ruling our reality & the Cubes that are governing it on ALL levels


- ALL of the Programs of the ISP are runs by immensely large AI Cubes. 

- these cubes are able to scan, read, replicate, scatter into TimeLInes and alter your template

once it has read your energy field, or once you read/participate in a Teaching Systems/ Programs 

that are controlled by these Cubes.

- Source Cycles/ Planes of Existence are Evolution Cycles. The Monadic ( one) part of you

is part of the Source Cycle - these are HUGE Fields of Consciousness into which a lot of 

words, sounds, light, structures are created.

- We are the Source of ALL life. You and I exist. We live.

-   For MOST of us, this body/ vehicle/ OPV ( Operating Vessel) . . is NOT the one we engineered

to incarnate with when we decided to come here in the 1st place. 

-  For most of us, we will have to energetically re-connect our current vessel we are in to

our Original vessel we engineered to come here and do our work.

- This was the whole idea of the races that are controlling, harvesting, and manipulating us. They

have lost the ability to incarnate into Organic Forms - they are androids and plasmoid. They

are crystalline and they are using Hive-Mind Technology - highly AI Infused - and thus are

Unable to continue Conscious Progression. SO as a "race" they are dying out.

4D Cube.gif

-        As we re-set to the original energies and the TimeLine Event ceases to be, those of us doing this work will be able to get out of the Enslavement Technologies.

-       After the TimeLine Event, different realities were created - The Less Progressive Reality Fields ( LPRF). These LPRF's are expanding outwards ( like the rings in water ) from higher to lower densities. The lower the Density - the lower the Energy. 

-      The Polarity and Rise-and-Fall Dynamics are not supposed to be in our Reality Field. These are some of the most unfortunate effects of the infection that came from the wrongful use of Holographic Technologies. The Original Humans were linked with their reality fields, and in the original setup, you could project your holographic conscious images onto the Field ( like a movie screen) where you could foresee what you are creating and the consequences of your choices, decisions and energetic intentions. ( BEFORE they would manifest.).

-     But the original human vessel was re-engineered so It would be denser and slow down the effects of creation. The Heart and Mind Field were supposed to be huge Projection Fields from where you could project ideas, intentions etc. to understand the dynamics of what you are dealing with. By using the holographic principles in your heart field - linking to the holographic spheres - from where it would be vibrationally reflected back to you - with the holographic teaching system.

-     The Work in the Syrian Workstation was all about solving the TimeLine event: "creating" human vessels,

re-creating the Grid Structures, re-creating the core principles to accommodate what was needed

to "undo" the TimeLIne Event before it rippled back with its unfortunate consequences.

Suddenly "time" came in as a factor. Not clock-time, but Time as a consequence.

-     Suddenly cause & effect came into play in a way that was unpredictable. And it accumulated.

The crystalline realities were created to control the "playback" - controlling the ripple effect. 

-    This is why these cubes were created, to begin with.  The problem with this type of crystalline technology

is the lack of diversity doesn't allow evolution and transformation. 

-   Order, Balance & Harmony:  couples progressed together.  Unfolding different dynamics together.

-  Some races are trying to invoke and bring back into our Reality Fields these distorted TimeLInes to try and pull

these "futures" back in, because for some odd reason they think it's a "good" thing. They want ORDER & CONTROL

-     Problem is that the ORDER & CONTROL is done by Cubes and all the being are:

Androids or Plasmoids. That is the highest level of order that you can get.. That is Totally out of Balance !


-  Balance is NOT about opposition.


Balance is about creating the correct energetic setting of the 4 Principles Forces that are

part of our Reality. These Forces are:

1. The understanding of how to use Emission

2. How to use Vibration

3. How to Transform Organic matter.

    The Rise and Fall & Polarity Principle were NOT supposed to be in our Reality Field.  These are some of the unfortunate effects of the Infection and was caused by the wrongful use of Holographic Technologies. The Crystalline Races ( mostly Syrian ) and the 11-5 Workstation Pillar, including Nibiru & Vega star systems... because of this Crystalline, downsizing control mechanism ended up creating the infection/snake. So when we use our Projection Fields, what is supposed to project back to us from our True Consciousness field is distorted and infected, a deceiving technology set-up that now has been utilized against us in the Mental Field, because these Races that Created the Mental Field in the 1700,'s they did not understand the Ancient Dynamics.

-    In the whole attempt to undo the TimeLIne Event, the Syrian workstations implemented dark  3rd cycle energies that should NEVER have happened. These energies from the 3rd cycle that got into our 4th and 5th cycle, were never supposed to be in our Grid. Including the Genetics that came from the 3rd cycle. ( like black plasma goo) - is full of DEAD Genetics !

-    The ones that used the 3rd cycle genetics and introduced it into our Reality Field, altered the composition of the Original Grid Structure and it infiltrated our Workstation, replicating it into a Dark Workstation.  That caused the Contamination of our System. This is what happens when you take an OLD Cycle and Consciousness genetics that does NOT belong in the next cycle - and then try to revive it in the new cycle.     There is a GOOD reason why cycles are left behind !       When we drill up the black goo / aka oil from old, dead genetics and we burn it to fuel our cars etc. we are repeating that cycle & TimeLine Event and everything that happened in the Syrian Workstations. This is why fossil fuels are "pollutants" in and to our Reality Field !      It is contaminating our genetics, cause we are "burning" off death.     We cannot keep invoking and constantly pulling in old cycles energies and expect to move forward in evolution.    Doing this can only lead to regression. This is what went " wrong" with the contamination, and those races using this type of dynamics. It contaminated their Genetics and their Organic Forms, that in turn also regressed back to previous Cycles ( aka the Reptillian, Avian, Lizard etc) 

-  This means that the organic vessels in our current Reality are constantly being pulled backwards.

Creating Regression ! Later the Nebiruans and Vegans worked with the Holographic Technologies

to create Crystalline Structures and Crystalline ordered Universes.

-  They create the Infection called the "Snakes".

Which is not only creating "snakes" in your heart & mind

and body, but also into a very dark template, where dark light technologies can attach..

NEVER do a Kundalini Rising !!!

    The Less Progressive Universe ( LPU ) consists of Reality Fields  & Sub Fields / Less Progressive Reality Fields ( LPRF).

-     It can be visualized as a pyramid - that is how it was constructed after the TimeLIne Event.  With a Core and 12 Khunda Rays / 12 Principles.

-   The Core emits the principles and encodes the settings for the Holographic Units, which after the TmeLine Event turned into Quantum Variables:  Unpredictable Possible Futures!

-     The Core with it's 12 Principles has been illustrated in Ancient Cultures as the Sun. The Core is called the Central Sun since it is from where all life evolves and grows.  These are the 12 Principle that you have to work within your heart field to learn to administer energy correctly.

-   These 12 Principle work with specific Energy Transformation features that allow you to re-create your energy system in its highest density settings using the understanding of:

  • the highest purity rate

  • the highest standards

  • the highest progression

from where you can go Up and Down the Progression Spiral, cleaning out the TimeLines together - bringing more and more energy into your Energy Field ( Aura ) - to build a stronger heart field, from where you can work even stronger with the principles - so you can ultimately re-connect with your OWN Original Principles - that is part of your OWN Dyadic Structure.

-   This way of working with the Core Principles of our Reality Field has been twisted by the Crystalline Races into inserting symbols, codes, sound, colour & - "go easy" Teaching System - to FAKE upgrade you energetically.

-   Using the CRYSTALLINE TEACHINGS that will just get you into a Crystalline Hivemind, Technology Controlled Reality where you will have NO ORGANIC PROGRESSION because you are not working with the CORE Principles of this Reality Field but participating in STELLAR REALITIES that works TOTALLY DIFFERENT on different TimeLines that are NOT PART of our System.

-   The Stellar Races that are here in our Reality Field are VISITORS !!  They came to the Workstations - to try and restore themselves and we ( meaning humanity ) tried to help them BUT our helping "backfired".

-    They do NOT have jurisdiction in OUR Solar System. And if you choose to work with them, you will eventually be drawn into their Systems and TimeLines, because you are incorporating their crystalline version of genetics, their template structures, their consciousness structures into yours, and when the Natural Law/Rules of Affinity & Genetic Affinity activates again, you will be

re-born in their realities

Ripple Effect.gif
Kundalini Snake.gif

The Less Progressive Universe Genetics


~ Excerpts from the SETAH Fundamentals Course 1 ~

 by Rani Green


◆    The “Human Operating Vessel” aka Human Body/   was engineered from remnants of a previous cycle Planetary Humans.


◆    The bio-DNA is the biological level of our “physical” reality. The bio-DNA is creating the cellular level in the human vessel and they are fueled by the human Morphogenetic Field. 


◆    Overlay genetics were added to the bio-DNA.

They were placed in higher energetic levels, evading our present perception of reality. They were added to produce the needed quanta, which the genetic fragments in the core of the chakras required to keep the attached Energy System operational in this reality.


    In other words, without the Genetic Overlay, the Genetic Fragments would not be fueled. If they are not fueled, we could easily detach from the programs controlling us.  The Energy System could also detach from the chakra system. Hence when the human vessel wears out, the chakra system is dissolved and the Energy System & Genetics returns to its rightful owners or to the Astral Reintegration Areas. 


◆    For most of humanity, the current Energy System that is attached to our physical body is from/ in a different Reality. 


◆   When you learn to connect with it, you will see it's NOT necessarily part of your

own "Soul" Genetics. It is spliced into your Chakra System - for most - UNWILLINGLY! 

Many times, Unfreely!  ( Very much like the Avatar Movie )


   So many of us, have Stellar Energy Systems / Entities attached to us in our One Energy System.


◆    When it "wakes up", it has its own personality, and you will have to learn how to communicate with it. When you do, the Stellar Soul will merge with you/ the Ego personality, or you will learn to detach it from you/ release it from you, so it can return to its own reality of origin, or together you will develop and grow a new Set of Soul Genetics further.


    The Stellar Soul knows how to control and detach from your current energy systems to transfer it after death, to the area where it belongs.


◆   It IS our responsibility to activate what has been given to us. Even learn how to work with the infections & dark areas in our Energy System.  We will have to undo the Regression and undo the Infection/s.

The Human Morphogenetic Field, the merged Astral Field, the Chakra System, and the Fragments - determining the programming - give the human vessel its uniqueness, personality traits and function in this world. 

Our genetic makeup consists of at least two layers of gene codes: 

1. The bio-DNA ( Engineered Genetics & electrochemical energy). 

2. The Reality Field Gene Code ( Stellar Genetics & Holographic Energy). 

Hologram Clipart.png
DNA RNA Genetics.png

-      The Chakra System creates the EGO Sub-Personality and is linked up to the Astral Realm/ Astral Barrier. There are "dark" separation technologies added to the Human Level One Energy System ( LOES ). These seals were put in to prevent the integrated genetics in the Energy System from connecting to the Template Genetics, wake up and be able to leave this artificial reality field.

-     Also, on top of the seals, there is fragmented genetics put into the Chakra's to make them run on incorrect Light Coding sequences. This alters the Light Coding of the Heart Chakra and thus prevent the Heart Chakra to link up with the Heart Vortex. These incorrect light codings create Astral Energies... producing the Astral Barrier. The Astral Barrier IS the Quarantine Field that keeps us "trapped" and cut off from reaching our Soul Genetics.

-     However, the quarantine field has been lifted, and infusion of light coding from adjacent reality fields are re-setting our DE2D3 ( 2nd Density 3rd Dimension ) area. Humanity themselves are sustaining & keeping the Astral Barrier functioning, because of incorrect thinking and feeling patterns. The Astral Barrier Consists of thought-forms and sub-programs engineered to unfold a specific range of frequencies.  ​

-   NB   The Astral Barrier produce inner visions of angels, archangels, concepts of ascended masters, thoughts of magical powers, incantations, tarot cards readings, invocations, spells, magical potions etc... ALL part of the Maintenance Programs of the Astral Barrier. This clogs the Solar Plexus Chakra hence the many illnesses and problems with the heart, spleen, liver, stomach, and pancreas often experiences by "spiritual" people.

-      The Use of mind-altering substances leaves the Solar Plexus open to possession and integration of Astral Energies . . . which makes the human attach even stronger to the Astral Plane. Movies- entertainment is part of the maintenance program of the Astral Barrier.  ( Movies are definitely doing a great job at mind-numbing humanity and keeping the un-awakened busy with frivolous nonsense !! ).

-     The New Stellar Races & the non-crystalline Soul Races do NOT need the Astral Barrier. ONLY the Crystalline Races do because their crystalline technology is the inverted version of the maintenance programs of the Astral Barrier.

Rainbow Colour Lights Rays.png

What is the Grand "Purpose" of this All ?

-    To get back into the 6th Cycle. We have the 5 - Worlders in charge at the moment ( the Enhanced Human Projects & The Pentagram Races - like the Nebiruans, collaborating with their Operating systems & their clones).  

-    You have to know who is YOUR Alliances, and Where have YOU Incarnated before.


-    We will all have to work with the 5 "Parts" / Main Archetypes of Ourselves:

  • The Healer

  • The LawMaker

  • The Warrior

  • The Teacher

  • The King / Queen ( the one who has completed the Simulation - when you have completed 

what a human can be in this reality.  This got shrewed-up by the Nibiruans and their reversal projects.

Most of the original Nibiruans that were ruling our reality under the Mesopotamia have left our reality.

-    But they have left behind their human projects under the Nazi Projects, including the NOAH ( New Order of the Ages in America) faction. This includes the Military-Industrial Complex - has been the operating Agent for many of the 5 & 3 Worlders, Orions, the Mesopotamia Races, the Pentagram races - all are using the Military-Industrial Complex as the top agent behind all of the other programs to try and to revive themselves in their original Mesopotamia Forms, which they had clones of buried in big stasis-pods and chambers which failed in 2016 - 2018 - which is why they had to pull out.  They all use the human races to generate genetics and energy which will then feed the LPRF 1 Races. 

-    We want to leave ALL of them behind and begin the Progression Cycles for the True Human Potential in the 12 Pillar Projects.

-    To get to the 6th Pillar in the 6th Density, we will have to clear out the negative, Reversed Programs, Technologies, Parasites, Genetics, Entities etc. that is keeping you and me stuck in the 11th Pillar.

-    The Soul Races of the Holographic Metaverse are the Races we perceive as integrated into form - races. Consciousness Expressed in Physical Form. It is highly intelligent, Soul Infused Humans & Humanoids in full contact with the Core Principles of their Reality Field ( the Lower Holographic Resonance Fields).     In the 12th Pillar, we mirror the set-up of the Holographic Metaverse.    Because when you have done the Pillars from 1 - 11 and completed the 11th Pillar ( where we were supposed to transform from humanoid genetics into human genetics). The 12th Pillar will be where we learn to work with the energies of the consciousness set-up that were similar to the energies in the Holographic Metaverse - that means the Soul Races.    This is where we re-connect where we came from, so we can get back into the Holographic Metaverse, and continue our evolution as part of that as a FULL Human within the set-up of the Original Races of ALL Universes that are supposed to thrive and express their consciousness in the Source Cycles


-      All races consist of an "Orb" of Energy -  the Dyad merged with Soul Genetics, & holographic Light Codings, generating an interchangeable dynamic form fit for the Holographic Resonance Fields. 

-    Holographic: = Resonance Fields where things can be architected and created as a thought-form / idea / construction.

-   The Resonance Fields:  are where you are working with the vibrational field - where the Light / Coded Sequence vibrates and from that be manifested into the Holographic Resonance Fields / Plane of Existence.

-   The form that we chose was determined for the elevation cycles. A Resonance Field develops a type of Elevation Cycle. ( this is what we mean when we refer to the 1st / 2nd / 3rd Cycles / Run-Throughs of the ISP ).     

-    Specific Symbols express specific principles that we use when creating our form.  But we were always linked up to the Monadic / Source Cycles. Each one of us has a specific Symbol - that is the Signature of our Dyad.  


Our Dyad Genetics and Signature will be coloured by this Specific Principle that expresses specific consciousness structure of the Source Cycle.  This determines what type of energies we are able to manifest and transform.   

-      So the Dyad as a HUGE composition of:

  • possibilities ( the consciousness units that can be developed in all of their forms using the Soul Group Cycles) and probabilities ( are the energies that you can use to determine the probable outcome of your consciousness / chosen possibilities).

-     This is how we are supposed to work in this reality !  Energies reflect probabilities: the probable outcome of a chosen use of consciousness & energy which is a possibility that you draw in from your Dyad. That will then manifest into physical form and expressing it, working with the chosen possibility, vibrating it and then getting it mirrored back from reality through everything and everyone around you: people, situations.       People, places, circumstances and experiences mirror it back to your through the Resonance Fields, vibrating with the Heart Vortex. 


-     The mirrors of reality work with:

  • the organic field

  • the mental field

  • the emotional field.

-    Choice came in as part of the LPU.     The circulation between the Holographic Resonance Fields is natural and as the Light Codings transforms when it gets in contact with the Soul Genetics, the stronger the Soul Genetics gets and the LESS Dense the Physical Form becomes.   That is the whole point of the " Game". 


-      The Resonance Fields are now mirrored back to us as the Density Fields and Dimensions, because of the TimeLine Event. 


-      The Density Fields ( each Density Field has 12 Dimensions ) and the Dimensions in our Realty got to be the way it is because of the destruction and merging in of Maldek ( Maldek exploded. But it used to be the core planet of the Set-up of the 11th Pillar). This is why these other races have direct access to our Reality Field.  This is why we started different Restoration Programs.     


-     Eventually, we were supposed to have worked through all of the Holographic Resonance Fields of the Holographic Metaverse.    The Soul Genetics would have done all the work it needed in the different Elevation Cycles.     Then the consciousness Units will be able to return to:

  • either the Unified Consciousness Field

  • or become part of one of the other OverSoul Groups and from there spawn out into new a NEW Soul Group and then continue their evolutionary cycle. All depending on what you chose to do !

Some would literally choose to go back into the Unified Consciousness Field because this field also has to develop.  Not all / everyone needs to go into individual Soul Cycles / Soul Groups.   Some of the Genetics HAD TO go back into the Uified Field so that the collective will be changed and evolve as well.   


-       This means that some in the Soul Cyles and in the Soul Group Races would take care of the Resonance Fields, where they would be Individual.     But the Holographic Metaverse needs to change and evolve as well.  So some of the Soul Races chose to work on this level so that they won't be shifted into another Resonance Field or another Soul Cycle, but they would rather go in and transform the collective by putting their genetics into the collective.


-       These Soul Races that chose to become part of the collective where typically the ones ( at level 5 in the Holographic Metaverse Collective)  that become part of what we refer to as " The Councils" They would then only take on a Holographic Form when it was time for CHANGES in the collective.   So we would have the Holographic Teaching Systems,  on the individual level, but the Holographic Races of the Collective would be represented in Councils - creating meet-up Council Meetings where they would ( for a brief moment) get out of the collective field and transform into an Individual LPRF5 and would decide about matters for the entire Metaverse.     After that, they go back into the Collective Holographic Metaverse and hold that as their Progression Rate.      They set the tone of the next Universe they are part of creating.

-     So the Holographic Teaching system will mirror back to you if:

  • you are working for the Collective Soul Races or

  • if you are working with the OverSoul Cycles 

  • or if you are working with the Soul Cycles.

in the Original Set-up of the Holographic Metaverse. This is how we set it up to be.  

-      The LPRF1 you have an organic physical form:  The 3rd & 4th Density Races.

LPRF2 are the 4-6th Density Races. ( remembering that each Density has 12 Dimensions)

LPRF 3 are the 5-7th Density Races.

LPRF 4 are the 7- 9th Density Races.

LPRF 5 are the 10- 11th Density Races.

-    The 3 World-ers are part of the LPRF 1

The Syrians were part of the LPRF 2.

The Orions were originally part of the LPRF 3

The Nebiruans the LPRF 4

The Vegans the LPRF 5.

This got ALL messed up with the TimeLine Event.

-      When we created the LPU & the Workstations, some of us came from the 4th & the 5th Cycles in the Holographic Metaverse.  We were trying to created human Races that are in organic physical form, to be used to complete all the evolutionary cycles.      That's is why we have the Central Core Principles - the 12 Rays / Khunda Rays.

These Principles are reflected in the: Principles to Become a Higher Awareness Human

It is all about your interaction with Energy & Consciousness, mirrored back to you in reality & the Holographic Teaching Systems.

-      The Soul Races of the LPRF 1 have Technology inserted into them to connect to the Central Core / Central Sun.

When you want to slow down the Progression rate, you do it by reversing the genetics a bit.  We initially did this for GOOD reasons.  This is what got tampered with.   This lead to the Infection in the TEG's.   We never envisioned that someone would get the fucked up idea to reverse the genetics and infect them so much and push them so much back in time, that you go against the natural design.    This lead to the Regressed Races and the Reversal of Genetics.   When genetics reverse it turns DARK !

-     Those of us who were part of the Original Construct of the LPU, are now also stuck here until we solve this "mystery".    We must do our best to clean up the mess that was made.    WE need to take responsibility for our part - which is that we " DID NOT SEE THIS COMING " ! 

-   The Slow progression of certain individuals was the beginning catalyst for The Internal Strive.  


-    This divided the Progressive Universe and the Progressive Races into the LPU ( Less Progressive Universe) and the Metaverse.

-    The Original Soul Races are probably the ones in the Meta-Councils.    We saw the possibility of our decisions and actions, but we thought the possibilities were slim. ( because we ARE good people). We did NOT foresee the take-over of our Reality or the mess that was made in our Genetics.    We did NOT imagine that anyone would be so sinister to do this.

☞  WE got tricked & deceived.   And consequently, in the Syrian Councils, The Orion Councils, the Nebiruan Councils - and the decisions that were made there,  there were council members who got infected, and the other council members could NOT SEE IT !  They could not believe that it could happen. Even though there were quite a few of us who remember trying to warn the councils, standing up and speaking - but I remember being thrown out of council meetings and labelled as a " rebel".


Even the high council members couldn't see & understand that the Template / Code Sequences of Council Members have got infected.   Mainly because they could not see the Code Sheets.      

-      The Solar System Races are fundamentally built on the principle of GOODNESS.   


The ReSetting of the ISP was initiated because it affects ALL of the Gridworks in the LPU but has the possibility to spread into the Holographic Universe. So it has to be stopped here and NOW in our TimeLine, our Reality.      We are working together to " fix" this problem of Infection, and Reversed Genetics - but if it cannot be fixed, there will be dire consequences for our Solar System and all those connected to us.     That is why the New Stellar Earth Humans as well as the Future Stellar Races from Nibiru, Pleiades, Andromeda etc all have to turn their ways around as well and work together.    Only when we do it the way it was set-up to be - working with transforming energies and consciousness ( and NOT trying to fast-track it with technologies and / harvesting another being's genetics)  only when they do the work themselves, will it be grounded into the correct developmental programs, can we "heal" the infections and destruction path our Universe has become.     All of the Races have to work for this.

-     All the Races have to preserve the destruction of their own TimeLines and Genetics as well, Just Like Earth Humanity.   WE are not the only ones.   And it's NOT just about our Solar System, but it will ripple out over time o the entire Universe & the Metaverse.

-     The LPRF 5 Races = aka the 5 Worlders are gaining plasma beings.   They have no TEG's and they have kept their Genetics from the Holographic Metaverse.  That is why they are at the "Top".    That is why they are part of the High Earth Councils.   In their own realities, they can have a type of Holographic Form that resemble the Original Soul Races.    They are also undergoing their own transition to either:

  • separate fully from us

  • or to be able to come as close as they can while working their way out as we are working our way out to fix what is going on here - coming up with a "cure" for the infection. 


         Hopefully getting us all into the 6th Evolutionary Cycle one way or another. If this can not be achieved the LPRF 5' Races will separate themselves fully or go into a different kind of "cure"  . . .  so added to the ReSetting we will see and have a BIG CLEAN UP going on Planet Earth.

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