Infinite Being

Transform.  Transmute.  ReJuvenate.   Heal.

Live and ExtraOrdinary Life

Energy Work is based on the premise that all is energy & consciousness.

  • Energy follows thought.

  • Universal life energy can be directed through the hands to facilitate healing.

​Energy Work and Inner Resonance of one of the Keys to unlock your Vitality, Wellbeing and Living an Authentic, Higher Awareness LifeStyle.

A Space for Transformational Mindfulness Retreat

Restore your Energy System to a Healthier State

of Vibrancy & Balance.

This site is part of the Soul Progression & Expanding Consciousness Total Transformation Program that is offered exclusively through Les Voyages De La Vie ~ The Journeys of Life.

You are welcome to use the FREE Material on this site to enrich Your Life, learn to Tools for Energy Work and Heal your Body - Mind - Emotions and Personal Transformation

You have to Enroll in the  Mentoring Program if you wish to access all of the Material.


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"It's the Mark of an Educated Mind,

to be able to Entertain a thought,

without Accepting it "

~ Aristotle ~

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