Infinite Being

Transform.  Transmute.  ReJuvenate.   Heal.

Live and ExtraOrdinary Life

Energy Work is based on the premise that all is energy & consciousness.

  • Energy follows thought.

  • Universal life energy can be directed through the hands to facilitate healing.

​Energy Work and Inner Resonance of one of the Keys to unlock your Vitality, Wellbeing and Living an Authentic, Higher Awareness LifeStyle.

A Space for Transformational Mindfulness Retreat

Restore your Energy System to a Healthier State

of Vibrancy & Balance.

This site is part of the Soul Progression & Expanding Consciousness Total Transformation Program that is offered exclusively through Les Voyages De La Vie ~ The Journeys of Life.

You are welcome to use the FREE Material on this site to enrich Your Life, learn to Tools for Energy Work and Heal your Body - Mind - Emotions and Personal Transformation

You have to Enroll in the  Mentoring Program if you wish to access all of the Material.


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Your Consciousness

You - As a Vast Consciousness - has the potential to create a life that has great richness & meaning of your own design, progressing and evolving into remembering and knowing how to work with all energy and consciousness, clarity of mind, flowing emotions and a body restored to its natural health.

Throughout the Course & the different Programs offered, you have the potential to explore your Infinite Beingness as you exist in other realms & dimensions to realize that your Earth life is only a part of how the vaster “you” is being expressed.


Beyond anything you've been before

Living a Higher Awareness LifeStyle with expanded states of Consciousness responds well to personal potentials and needs like; self-knowledge, self-healing, awareness, life purpose, synchronicities and raising consciousness. And expanding these potentials enhances your ability to live your life with more clarity, flow & meaning.


Your Soul Evolusion

As you gain more clarity about Who -You - Are and recognize that you are evolving in expression, you will realize there is NO mold or fixed way of Being that you need to try and fit into, but You are Creatively Evolving your Expression.   

" Being " is about  opening to the luminous light that Consciousness creates, and YOU Recognizing your being as a Part of this Consciousness."


Reclaiming your Full Human Potential & Genetic Template from the ISP ( Interactive Simulation Program ). The process is your way of proclaiming that you are ready to do the journey towards the higher, finer frequencies of awareness and progress out of the current old base program.



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Space for Transformational Mindfullness

 Our Program

   I would really like to create a space for you where you can get away from life's busy hustling and stress, and just put Self Care, Love, and a Joy for Living back into your life.

   We are on this Journey together. I will be your companion, your partner. I want you to know I have not "graduated" this "Game" either. You can rest easy in the fact that I won't expect from you what I haven't achieved either - this "human"-thing. 

   I would like you to stop and breathe . . . take time to trace back some of the steps on your Journey, and maybe notice and highlight the beauty you experienced along the way, the people who journey with you and the experiences that have shaped you, so you can celebrate life. 


I want you to sing a new song in your heart and Soul.  

   Working through all the material and lessons, we will gently Re-new and Restore and immerse in our Being-ness.


Something you should Know . . .

 Our Intentions for this Program is that you will Grow and Progress, be part of the growing wave that shifts humanity into a New Reality  Field, where we can Bloom and Expand as the beautiful race that we are. Together we can achieve wonderful things and feel excited about what is to come. The Course is designed to instruct on the highest levels of Emotional, Mental, Spiritual, and Physical expansion.

The hope is that you're taking this course because you want to Grow, Expand & Progress as a Soul! That means that you will have to be committed and do each Lesson & Lecture Required. The on-demand format allows you to take the course at your own pace.

There are no official Course Requirements. But some of the Programs within the Course does. For Example the Awakening Your LightBody Program

☞  Due to the Progression of the Course, the Lesson & Lectures must be completed in Sequential Order.

"It's the Mark of an Educated Mind,

to be able to Entertain a thought,

without Accepting it "

~ Aristotle ~

The opinions in Videos shared does NOT necessarily reflect the views & opinions of the creators of this Website.

Discernment of ALL Information is advised.