To Thine Own Self be True

 " At a certain point in our spiritual development, we are confronted with the fact that the very things that once liberated us are now the things that hold us, prisoner. We realize that in wanting to feel better or think better, we are asking ourselves to feel and think and be different.

We discover that by trying to feel better or think better, or be better, we are resisting ourselves. And then the whole game changes.

We leave behind the desire for manifestation. We replace all want for the want for oneness with ourselves.

We stop wanting to heal because it no longer feels good to think that something about ourselves is broken.  Instead, we begin to crave integration. The spiritual apex we begin to pursue is Authenticity

     Authenticity is an idea that appeals to us when we begin to live in the present moment.

Inspirational Quote Shakespear To Thine

We fall in love with what is.

And so, we trade the practice of going in the direction of what we want and chasing our positive emotions for the practice of going the opposite direction. And we begin by dropping into our wounds. We spend our time being with those unpleasant emotions and sensations and feelings with a listening and caring ear. We are present with ourselves with absolutely no conditions. We do not want to change the way we feel. We do not want to make the negative sensations and feelings better. We simply give them the attention that we never gave them before, back when we were so busy running from them with numbing drugs and distraction and endless self-help techniques. We stop arguing against them. We become present fully with them and by doing so, these aspects integrate into our being. We learn that the reason we suffer so badly from anything, is not because of the thing itself, but because of our resistance to it. We learn that when we no longer resist any aspect of our being when we let ourselves fully feel our feelings and fully think our thoughts, and thus we let ourselves fully be ourselves in this very moment. As a result, we become whole."

Teal Swan

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n. the frustration of being stuck in just one body, that inhabits only one place at a time, which is like standing in front of the departures screen at an airport, flickering over with strange place names like other people’s passwords, each representing one more thing you’ll never get to see before you die - and all because, as the arrow on the map helpfully points out, you are here. ~


by Oriah Mountain Dreamer


What if it truly doesn't matter WHAT you do

    but HOW you do whatever you do?

     How would this change what you choose to do with your life?


What if you could be more present and open-hearted

    with each person you encounter?

     How would this change how you want to spend your precious time on this earth?


What if your contribution to the world and the fulfillment of your own happiness is

    not dependent upon discovering a better method of prayer or technique of

    meditation, not dependent upon reading the right book or attending the right

    seminar, but upon really seeing and deeply appreciating yourself

    and the world as they are right now?

   How would this affect your search for spiritual development?  


What if there is no need to change, no need to try and transform yourself into someone who is more compassionate, more present, more loving or wise?

 How would this affect all the places in your life where you are endlessly trying to be better?   


What if the task is simply to unfold, to become who you already are in your essential nature - gentle, compassionate and capable of living fully and passionately present?

  How would this affect how you feel when you wake up in the morning?   


What if who you essentially are right now is all that you are ever going to be?

How would this affect how you feel about your future?   


What if the essence of who you are and always have been is enough?

How would this affect how you see and feel about your past?   


What if the question is not why am I so infrequently the person I really want to be, but why do I so infrequently want to be the person I really am?

      How would this change what you think you have to learn?


What if becoming who and what we truly happen not through striving and trying but by recognizing and receiving the people and places and practices that offer us the warmth of encouragement we need to unfold?

   How would this shape the choices you have to make about how to spend today?


What if you knew that the impulse to move in a way that creates beauty in the world will arise from deep within and guide you every time you simply pay attention and wait?

     How would this shape your stillness, your movement, your willingness to follow this impulse, to just let go and dance?

How to Set Yourself Free

Teal Swan

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Guided Meditation

Self Care Candles Aromatherapy Meditatio

This is a guided meditation to take you on a journey of relaxation. You cannot give what you do not have.


Fill yourself up with love. It will reduce your stress level, as well as improve your overall health and well being when practised regularly.

 ~ The Mindful Movement ~

Take Care of Yourself: Cultivating Self Love

Guided Meditation for Taking Care of YouMindful Movement
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Awakening Your LightBody

Vol 1: Building Your Power Base

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Read the Written Material for Vol. 1


   Track 06 - Nu’a, Dinia - 3rd Journey

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Track 01: Tapping Into your Infinite Potential    ☑︎ 



The Perpetual Stillness Within

All of Life's Journeys start with the 1st step. A decision. A decision to awaken your potential. A decision to live boldly & courageously. A decision brought about by the yearnings in your heart. 


  • Listening to Life


Self Care

Self Care

Take Time to Enjoy Your Own Company

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Let the Way You Feel Be the Most Important Thing in your Life . . .

     " Today, no matter Where I am, no matter What I am Doing,  No matter Who I am with, It is my Dominant Intent to Look and Find That which I'm Wanting to See. 

     Nothing is more Important than Finding Vibrational Alignment with That Broader Perspective of Who-I-Am, and the Way I FEEL shows me if I am Aligned or Not.

     I am Going to Look for the BEST Feeling & Thought I can find right here from Where I am."

GUIDED MEDITATIONS/ Hypnosis / FlowDream

  • I am Abundance Affirmations

  • Inner Space. Gateway to OPen Awareness

  • Deep Sleep Oasis


Lesson Resources

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Print out or On-Line Read the Accompanying Reading Material for this Volume. DO NOT read the material ahead of a particular Journey. It will take away from you own experience into the LightBody Centres if you do that. ALWAYS in the LightBody work: Do the JOURNEY 1st and then only Read the Accompanying Material.


You can choose how you want to Journal.


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