Take Time to Enjoy Your Own Company

Let the Way You Feel Be the Most Important thing in your Life . . .

     " Today, no matter Where I am, no matter What I am Doing,  No matter Who I am with, It is my Dominant Intent to Look and Find That which I'm Wanting to See. 

     Nothing is more Important than Finding Vibrational Alignment with That Broader Perspective of Who-I-Am, and the Way I FEEL shows me if I am Aligned or Not.

     I am Going to Look for the BEST Feeling & Thought I can find right here from Where I am."

 ~ Abraham ~

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Do something every day that is loving toward your body and gives you the opportunity to enjoy the sensations of your body..

Looking after yourself is an important part of living a happy and healthy life.


Self Care refers to activities & habits that we deliberately choose to engage in on a regular basis to maintain & enhance our Health and WellBeing.

Lesson 25

Soul Progression & Awakening Your LightBody

To Thine Own Self be True

". At a certain point in our spiritual development, we are confronted with the fact that the very things that once liberated us are now the things that hold us, prisoner. We realize that in wanting to feel better or think better, we are asking ourselves to feel and think and be different.  We stop wanting to heal because it no longer feels good to think that something about ourselves is broken.  Instead, we begin to crave integration. The spiritual apex we begin to pursue is Authenticity. 

We fall in love with what is. "


  • Track 06: Nu'a & Dinia 3rd Journey

  • Take Care of Yourself. Cultivating Self Love

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Morning Affirmations

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Social Self Care

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Close connections are important to your well-being.​

Everyone has slightly different social needs. The key is to figure out what your social needs are and to build enough time in your schedule to create an optimal social life.​

Self-care helps you to maintain a healthy relationship with yourself and others. When you feel good, you are happier and better able to maintain positive relationships with family, friends, and co-workers.

To assess your social self-care, consider:

  • Are you getting enough face-to-face time with your friends?

  • What are you doing to nurture your relationships with friends and family?

By practising self-care, you also demonstrate to the people around you that you know how to set healthy, functional boundaries, which sets a great example and also helps to align their expectations of you.

Social Self-Care Ideas:

  • Sign up for a class to learn a new skill/hobby.

  • Make a date to have lunch or dinner with a great friend.

  • Text / email your special friends' inspirational pictures.

  • Reach out to someone you know needs your help.

Self Care for Clarity of Mind

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1.   Start a compliments section in your Journal. Document the great things people say about you to read later.

2.   Scratch off a "nope - not going to happen"  on your to-do list, something that’s been there for ages and you'll never do.

3.   Become aware of the way you make decisions. Take your time when making decisions. Breathe into your heart. Feel how a decision " feels"  before making it.

4.    Make a self-care box filled with materials such as candles, essential oils, affirmation cards, self-care ideas, a book, etc.

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Self Care for Emotional Flow

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1.  Check-in with your emotions. Sit quietly and just name without judgment what you’re feeling.

2.   Allow yourself to fantasize and daydream.

3.   Go out to see a movie at your favorite theater, all by yourself.

4.   Go to a comedy club.

5.   Smile at yourself in the mirror!

Self Care for The Body

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1.    Do yoga.

2.    Activate your self-soothing system. Massage your own body with Aromatherapy oils, moisturize.

3.    Take 15 minutes to soak up the sunshine.

Self Care for The Soul

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1.  Do something spontaneous.

2.  Allow yourself to Fantasize & Daydream.

3.  Buy some flowers that delight you.

4.    Write a letter to your younger self. 


5.    Sing along to the song that best expresses your current emotions.

Guided Meditation

Inner Space – Gateway to Open Awareness

There are two main categories of meditation: Focused Attention & Open Awareness.

    During a Focussed Attention meditation, the goal is to keep the attention focused. So if you were to stare at a candle, you would just engage the mind in that practice. 

   During Open Awareness Style of Meditation, your attention is open & remains aware of everything that is happening.

All experiences are perceived as they happen, with a goal of remaining non-judgmental toward oneself.

Instead of getting caught up in thoughts or feelings, you are instead encouraged to simply witness everything & be present to whatever is happening.

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The Perpetual Stillness Within

All of Life's Journeys start with the 1st step. A decision. A decision to awaken your potential. A decision to live boldly & courageously. A decision brought about by the yearnings in your heart. 


  • Listening to Life


Evening Routine

Deep Sleep Oasis

Lauren Ostrowski Fenton

BedTime Yoga


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