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Compassion & Self Compassion is an important Key/ Attribute you can use  to live a Life Filled with Joy, Happiness, Health & WellBeing.


Compassion & Kindness are expressions of Self/Soul Mastery.


     If you want to live a life full of Vitality, with sustainable Health & WellBeing, you've got no choice but to start where you are. The more you are willing to be Self Compassionate, and express Self Love, the more you can be compassionate with others.

Getting a handle on your “ issues" is a Journey.


     That journey is incredibly personal.

   Why does it feel so natural to be compassionate and kind to those we care about - yet so hard to treat ourselves the same way?

 Our culture teaches us to use self-criticism for motivation and to build self-esteem by constantly measuring ourselves against everyone else," says Dr. Kristin Neff.

   Make it Your Intention, that from now on, in every interaction with yourself and others, you will strive to let Compassion be your Inner Compass.  

     Remind yourself that you are doing your best.

To Express Compassion  . . .  be Accepting & Forgiving of your "mistakes" & imperfections.

    Be Patient with yourself & Release blame, resentment & judgment.

“   If you Find the Time to Align the Energy First,

All Action becomes Inconsequential.


     But If You Don’t Take Time to Align the Energy -

If you Don’t Find the Vibrational Alignment of What You Are Looking For,


No Amount of Action in the World will make any difference. “


~ Abraham ~

Can you repeatedly embody compassion independent of the conditions in your environment, so that no person or situation could ever create that old state of being in you again? 


If not, you have not yet mastered compassion. 


My definition of mastery is that our internal chemical state is greater than anything in our external world. In my opinion, you are a master when you’ve conditioned yourself with chosen thoughts and feelings, you’ve memorized desired emotional/chemical states, nothing in your external life deters you from your aims. 


No person, no thing and no experience at any time or place should disrupt your internal chemical coherence. You can think, act, and feeling differently whenever you choose. 


Do you agree?”


~ Dr Joe Dispenza ~

Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation for Compassion


      Compassion, like gratitude, is something we love to feel. Even though compassion arises as we witness and empathise with another’s pain, it is satisfying to feel this response in our hearts. It feeds our hearts.

Guided Meditation for Compassion - Meditation Oasis
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